Death, Taxes and My Third Eye

Death, Taxes and My Third Eye

Today is one of those days I wish I could curl up into a ball and hide from the world. This weekend I realized that thy only things in life that are certain are death, taxes and my Third Eye.

Friday before leaving work, I was filling out my 1040EZ form and 1040IL forms just to figure out if I can afford another trip to Hong Kong this October with my mom for 3 weeks. Also lingering in the back of my mind was the life of a very dear friends father who had been in the hospital for a couple of weeks fighting pneumonia.

Ever since 2009, when I predicted my grandfathers death during my first trip to Hong Kong, I have realized that I am one that has a Third Eye, also knows as the seer. The moment I touched my grandfathers hand, I knew at that moment he was clinging to life, waiting for his oldest daughter to return home to say goodbye, and then he could be free.

As crazy as that sounds I was right. The morning after my aunt, the last of my grandparents children to arrive, went to visit him in the hospital he had passed away. Granted, my grandfather looked like he had been suffering for months, but they say those that sense death is at their door tend to hang on long enough to say goodbye to their loved ones in their own way.

During that trip my grandfather did not speak, mostly mumbles if anything. the day after my mom was with my grandfather and spoke her goodbyes to him, my uncle told her that my grandfather had said something about his Little Buddha. This was my mothers nickname when she was growing up. These were the only words heard during the time of our visit and right before he passed on to his next life. I felt as if his spirit was clinging to life just for that last goodbye.

From then on, I was having images and dreams that I could not explain but later just chalked up to déjà vu. You know where you have been in a certain situation, whether in a dream or maybe you just saw something that was going happen, and either it happens or you find a way to prevent it from happening. This was happening more often then I cared for.

Most times, for me, it was seeing a glass break, something spill or a cooking disaster. Most recently I detailed out not only a dear friend's relative getting diagnosed with cancer, but even told this person that there would be no treatment and she would pass shortly. I asked that she hold no ill will towards me after I had said my peace.

Now I know that some will call me a crack pot, I don't care as I know what I have and I know that it is real. The Third Eye is something we are all born with, whether you choose to tap into it or not is your choice. Mot times when it is active I get a raging headache similar to a migraine followed by either a dreamlike vision or a deep sadness that comes over me. When the sadness comes over me it is almost like you are put into a deep depression that is unexplainable.

Saturday, I had planned to get up early that day and start preparations for my Chinese New Year Eve party as well as some house cleaning that I have to have done before the two week long celebration started. I could not, for the life of me get myself out of bed. When I did get up I wanted nothing more then to bury my head under the pillows and drown in a sea of darkness. I could not figure out why I felt so emotionally drained that morning or why I felt I needed to stay in bed all day, but I did and didn't care.

During the evening hours, I was talking with a few friends that I have recently been connecting closely with. I mostly act as a therapist to some and a couples counselor to others. That night I still had an extreme sadness over me that felt like a dark dome.

After I had gotten done speaking with my friends, this dome of darkness was coming down over me in a more fierce manner then usual. I got word from my "brother" that his father passed Saturday morning. I call him my brother because we have been through so much growing up and been so close over the past 27+ years.

I started to piece things together what I had been feeling throughout the day and why I was feeling such grief. It was very similar feeling I had gotten when another friends relative had passed about a week prior.

I do not know a lot of things in this world, some of it still mystifies me, but I do know that three things in this world do exists:
1) Taxes will always be collected, even in death the government collects it's taxes. I am not getting as much as I thought, but enough for a round trip for one to Hong Kong I hope.
2) Death is part of the circle of life and so long as the wheels keep turning so does life. As much as we wish life could go on forever, there are times where all good things must pass. I believe in rebirth/reincarnation and feel that Bert will be reborn again soon.
3) A person that is born with a Third Eye is someone you want as a friend. They cannot predict a future of riches or the winning lotto numbers for tomorrow. They can be the best matchmakers, can predict death, and in some very rare cases they can be healers. I have all three plus a few others up my sleeves!

My prayers are with you my friend.

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