Thank You America! FOUR MORE YEARS!!!

Today I spent an hour, from the time I got in line at my polling place to the time I put my ballot in the machine, to vote this morning! I made sure that I was at the poll at the ass crack of dawn to make my vote heard! The poll opened late, hmmmm, the guy with the keys showed up even later, hmmm, and as I was cracking up people in the line that were all similarly minded voters we all finally made it in. I was #24 on the tally of voters coming in to the polls this morning!

As everyone knows, and it is no fucking secret, I voted for FOUR MORE YEARS with OBAMA! I got about 2 hours of sleep last night as I was watching all my favorite MSNBC shows last night over and over as I was getting interrupted and was cleaning my bedroom. I am sick with a sinus infection that hit me on my last day hiking in Hong Kong before my very long trip home on Friday, November 2nd, so I could vote the following Tuesday (TODAY), so I was cleaning the dust from everything. I was also afraid that I was not going to wake up early enough and be one of those in line in the wee hours of the night praying to all that is living that my vote would count!

After casting my vote and making a plea to all those available voters out there, no matter who they were going to vote for, to get out and make their vote count no matter how they vote! After getting harassed by my democratic friends if I voted I left the office late and headed straight home to see what the line was like at my polls and start watching the MSNBC reporters giving their opinions and tallies of the evening and fell asleep around 8pm. What did you expect, I was working on a total of 2 hours of sleep!

I woke up as my phone was bleeping all over the place, but also in time to listen to Elizabeth Warren accept her nomination as the Senator of Massachusetts followed by Claire McCaskill, defeating Todd "Legitimate Rape" Aikin keeping her Senate seat in Missouri. Then I heard that President Obama got enough electoral votes to win a second term. But what sent me over the fucking emotional top of this roller coaster was learning that TAMMY DUCKWORTH DEFEATED JOE "Let's Yell At My Constituents" WALSH IN ILLINOIS!!!

I do not live in Duckworth's District but my Facebook and Twitter friends know that I have been backing Duckworth and spreading the word to vote for her for many months. To listen to her story she shared at the Democratic National Convention, to her debating Walsh, and knowing that she was not just fighting for herself but the people she will represent I had to get those that could vote for her to get out there and make it happen!

I started to cry when my friend Ron "The Original Mr. DJ" Kesselring informed me that Tammy won and completely lost it! I started to cry profusely because for once in the few times I was proud to be an American! I was proud of my fellow voters for not only putting more women in Congress, but to see not only MY (OUR) President get another 4 years to fix this country, but to have seen the one person I was advocating win a seat in Congress. It all become very real to me and I could not control it!

I started to write a Facebook status update - "OMFG!!! I am literally in tears!!! Today I fell proud to be an American!!! Obama, DUCKWORTH, McCaskill, WARREN, all winner tonight!!! Thank you ladies for standing up and voting!!! Thank you gents for standing by your ladies and our President!!! Thank you to all of us that wanted to take back what is ours and that being our rights and things that are deservedly ours!!! Thank you America!!! I love you and glad I do not have to leave you!!!" then thought "No, the world needs to hear my opinion"

I want to THANK YOU AMERICA! I want to thank you for getting out there and making your vote count and giving OUR PRESIDENT FOUR MORE YEARS!!! If I could hug everyone of you I would!!! Let's hope that Congress has learned that the people have spoken, time for them to pull on their boots and wade through the bullshit they have been shoveling around on Capital Hill and get their asses to work for the people that put their asses in that seat they hold! Time to pull up those boot straps and start passing these jobs bills that will put people to work rebuilding roads, fixing the deteriorating infrastructure, and best of all, PULL OUR TROOPS OUT OF THE MIDDLE EAST AND PUT THEM TO WORK BACK HERE IN OUR OWN COUNTRY!

May this be a lesson to Congress that they need to work for us not these corporations and their lobbyists that stuff their pockets! Work with President Obama and start working on bringing this country back up to the grandeur that we once had before all hell broke loose during the Bush years!!!


Now we just have to deal with Mittwit to concede the loss in Ohio and concede his utter LANDSLIDE loss to President Obama. Let the games begin!!!



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  • Brandi,
    I would like to sincerely thank you for your efforts on Tues! And with a sinus infection!! I am no stranger to them & I admire your strength.
    Yes, the outcome on Tues was fabulous & come 2014 we'll get rid of the rest of the tea party!
    Thanks again, Ann

  • In reply to Citizen:


    You are more than welcome! I want to thank you for helping the President not only win a second term, but also help him win the popular vote!

    I was keeping myself well informed of the topics, researched all the arguments those voting for Romney would post against President Obama, and I finally had enough while I was on vacation the 2 weeks leading up to the election. I know that I asked people to get out a vote regardless of how they were going to vote, but please vote your conscious and not just because you are democrat, republican, et al. It is our constitutional right, and as a woman it was fought for us so women no longer felt they didn't have a voice.

    I am Green Party but could not let my healthcare, nor the likes of my mother and sister, go to a candidate and party that would take away the benefits that we get. I am a potential cancer candidate and knowing this might be a pre-existing condition since I was already tested, I could not chance my medical care would be compromised. Another factor is a co-worker is going through cancer treatment for almost a year and if Romney got his way, she could be dropped by the insurance company for whatever reason they choose. Funny thing is, this same girl voted for Romney!

    Lets hope the next four years Congress decides to work with the President. Already saw Speaker Boehner spoke out against Sen. McCain and his desire to investigate Benghazi. Now we just need to get a jobs bill passed without all the crazy stuff they add to bills, and an infrastructure bill passed for all the roads, bridges and rail fixed. It amazes me how other countries are more efficient then this country is in fixing anything that needs it. Remember Obama's speech near the bridge between Boehner and McConnell's states that pretty much looked like it was going to fall apart? Yeah, I know the President did that on purpose after they failed to pass the infrastructure bill presented to the House.


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