Hanging Chad of 2012: Email or Fax your vote in today New Jersey!!!

Hanging Chads

So, New Jersey has elected to let those that have power (electricity) to email or fax their votes in for the 2012 Presidential Election.

I am sorry but WTF were they thinking when they decided this was ok?!?!

How many of you get a fax that is garbled and just toss it away? How many of you get an email from a friend that ended up in your SPAM folder?

I believe this years election will have a lot of controversies going on with this email and fax election ballots this year. How many democratic ballots will get tossed out in an area where it is run by a bunch of republicans? How many republican ballots will get thrown away?

I am banking on a recount coming up and it still will not be correct since many SPAM filters bounce SPAM to an off site location and if you do not release the SPAM as actual emails it will get deleted. The company I work for does that and if you do not get to that email within a set amount of time it will just automatically go in the trash bin never to be seen again! I have emails that come from a friend and about 25%, or those that are more important then none, end up going to my SPAM folder with Gmail and the only reason why I catch them is I happen to monitor the SPAM folder due to other emails getting sent there.

You can bet your last $5 bill in your wallet, pocketbook or your back pocket in the laundry pile that we will not have an official count of votes for at least a week, if not more, due to the fact that these public offices need to check every last email, fax machine and hanging chad before the 2012 Election is over with!

Good luck to those that were effected by Hurricane Sandy. My prayers are with you during your clean up, but please make sure your vote counts tomorrow! Get to your polling places early and vote! I do not care if you vote for the current President (I am), if you vote for Romney (Mittwit, Mitt the Twit, etc.), an independent, or a write in (Bernie Sanders comes to mind), just make sure you vote and that your vote counts!

GO OBAMA! (Hey it is my blog after all. You don't like it ask for your own blog!!! LOL!!!)

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