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Reasons to be THANKFUL this Thanksgiving

Today is the day that we give thanks. What is it that we give thanks for? From history it tells us that the Pilgrims gave thanks for the bountiful harvest they received and for the Native Americans for helping them so they could survive through the winter. Well, it is 2012 and I am thankful... Read more »

Thank You America! FOUR MORE YEARS!!!

Today I spent an hour, from the time I got in line at my polling place to the time I put my ballot in the machine, to vote this morning! I made sure that I was at the poll at the ass crack of dawn to make my vote heard! The poll opened late, hmmmm,... Read more »

Did Ryan Commit Voter Fraud? You be the Judge and Jury, but I say YES!!!

So today, after having spent an hour trying to vote, I hear that on the Daily Kos that Ryan committed VOTER FRAUD!!! They have video of him showing his kids how to fill out the ballot and vote. According to the Wisconsin statues, 12.13 relates to voter fraud. It states the following: 12.13  Election fraud.... Read more »

Hanging Chad of 2012: Email or Fax your vote in today New Jersey!!!

So, New Jersey has elected to let those that have power (electricity) to email or fax their votes in for the 2012 Presidential Election. I am sorry but WTF were they thinking when they decided this was ok?!?! How many of you get a fax that is garbled and just toss it away? How many... Read more »