Voter Fraud, Florida Ballots, Sarah Silverman and Samuel Jackson: What Do They All Have In Common

This is for all my political followers, mostly the Democrats and those voting for Obama this year. I just realized 3 big things so far:

1) Voter Fraud is 2012's chad!!! Remember 2000? Yup, that is how Bush won was that stupid hanging chad!

2) Florida voting ballots are definitely a way of making the 2012 election much like 2008 in Ohio where people waited 10+hrs to vote. Tampa has a ballot that is 6 pages long, 2500 words that is dedicated to just the referendums. Miami-Dade County has a 10 page ballot. Why you ask? Watch this video clip from The Rachel Maddow Show. It is 10 pages because the wrote out the complete referendums that are being voted on this coming election. I have never seen a ballot in Chicago bigger then 2 pages! Florida, get your head out of your ass please, America would really appreciate it!!!

3) Obama supporters are freaking smart mofo's!!! If you ask why I want you to come out for drinks so I can smack your forehead for asking a dumb question. They use social media and to the greatest advantage this election year!!! Here is how I believe it is working here. Sarah Silverman and Samuel Jackson just made the news this week with their video clips about voter fraud and waking the F$&@ up and getting out to vote. One of you has got to be following their fan pages here, on twitter or maybe you were bored the other night and wanted to watch the video to hear Jackson read the children's book Go the F$&@ to Sleep and found his video clip about getting out and getting people registered to vote and get out to vote. You would find the NSFW version (Wake the F%^& Up) freaking hilarious and you had to share it either by retweeting it, Google+ it, share it on Facebook or email the link. Next thing you know that video had a million hits by the second day. I just finished watching Hardball replay this Friday evening since Bill Maher is off this week and guess what? Free tv time for the video clip!!! Sure it was cut short on Hardball but guess what's next? If you don't know I get to smack your forehead again! People will search the video on YouTube and I know you know what's next right? Yup, they now tweet it, Google+ it, share it on Facebook, favorite the video and email it to all their friends and family. You will never guess why I think this is ingenious. THEY ONLY PAID TO GET THE VIDEO MADE!!! No Super PAC money, no campaign money, no tax payers dollars, not even breaking the kids piggy bank paid for this! No millions spent on air time, I just watched clips on Hardball and they don't charge to show a video clip, so that was free air time. You know other shows were discussion it, you got more air time there, and it is playing in all markets when someone in California is watching Hardball when I am. INGENIOUS PEOPLE, FREAKING INGENIOUS!!! I am helping the cause but sharing the links to Sarah's YouTube video and the Huffington Post article which shows the Samuel Jackson video (FYI, NSFW).

What these all have in common is this, they are the latest hot topic because Romney has not said anything terrible this weekend for the news reporters to discuss. Why you ask has Mitt not spoken any more lies or flip-flop topics? Well, he is preparing for the Debate this coming Wednesday and it is going to be an interesting one this year! Great Debate will be this Wesdnesday Ocbtober 3, 2012. Tune in and watch Romney melt!!!

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  • Replacement refs were in charge. They also write Sarah Silverman's jokes too.

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    How's that Hopey/Changey/Oct. 3 OBAMA MELTDOWN workin' for ya now? ROFLMAO!! Yes, you ARE Correct... The American People are VERY Smart... Fool me once, shame on you... Fool me twice... SHAME ON ME! ROMNEY/RYAN 2012!!!!!!!!!

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