Ignorance, Tolerance and the Oreo Cookie


I woke up today thinking this was going to be a great day. My diet so far seems to be working, even though I have only lost a pound since seeing the doctor last week I am feeling physically great! I am almost done with physical therapy for my arches that were just shy of being flat. One would think I was having the best day of my life when I stepped out the door. I thought so too until I started reading posts on Facebook about the Oreo Cookie "incident."

The "incident" in question is the photo Oreo posted on their Facebook Page. Photos of some of the comments have been floating around Facebook and Twitter the past couple of days showing the hatred people feel towards Gays and Lesbians. LGBT America posted an article from ABC News about a boycott of the cookies because of the rainbow cookie ad.

Oreo Pride

Comments the posting got were about boycotting the cookie, others were just vile and yes I shared some of the worst. I did not change the spelling or punctuations of the comments so you can see how uneducated some of these people are that spewed such hatred. As of the time of this posting there have been over 40,000 comments on the Oreo page on Facebook (4,000 additional since I started reading though them). Not all of them are disgusting, there are far more supporters then haters.

Here is a taste of the hate:

"I’ll never buy Oreo again"

"All you fools supporting gays and bisexuals have been wholly sucked into the liberal propaganda regarding AIDS. The liberal propaganda is that AIDS is not a gay disease, NONSENSE! 75% of AIDS cases are male and 70% of those are from male-to-male sexual contact. (http://www.avert.org/usa-statistics.htm). The disease started in the US in the gay community back in the 80's. Open your eyes and enter realville."

"Another reason to grow your own food. Too many companies spending my money on things I will never support on my own so why should I give them money to do it for me. And to whoever is bashing the Christian population: Don't worry. God knows who we all are and will sort us out in due time. You don't have to do God's work for him."

"I will never consume another Oreo. Why would Kraft choose politcal correctness over family values?"

"gays need to leave america"

"I won't buy any oreos or other Kraft products anymore, looks like you have plenty Faggots to keep your business going!"

"Why do gays have to have a day, a parade, printed t-shirts etc etc?? i dont express my sexual preference EVER bcuz what i do in my bedroom isnt anyone's business nor do i need to have a day, a parade or a printed t-shirt etc etc. GEt OVeR It -We dont give a crap, the beautiful rainbow has been ruined by idiots!"

"It's amazingly sad how many of you despise God and His perfect creation of marriage between ONLY one man and one woman. How dare you all call God's perfect way "bad", or "bigoted" or anything false. How dare you judge GOD for His perfect ways. The Bible says woe to you who call good evil, and evil good. You will NOT inherit the kingdom of God. Sorry to break this news to you, but those who practice and condone homosexual behavior, are not believers, nor will they go to Heaven. It's in the Bible, in black and white. You cannot argue with God. His ways are PERFECT! And to those of you who say Christians are not to judge, you're wrong. God clearly tells us, in the Bible in black and white, to judge righteously, according to what HIS Word says, according to HIS law, statutes, and commands, and HIS ways. We will judge sin as sin, nothing less, because God does so. If you are sinning, you need Jesus. He died on the cross to forgive you of your sins. But you will only be saved if you accept Jesus as your lord and Savior, and TURN FROM YOUR SIN. Homosexuality is sin. If you don't like that fact, then too bad, because God's ways are higher than your ways!"

"WTF Oreo? You're going to alienate more than half of your consumer base? You realize the nutty libs are trying to ban your product because it's unhealthy, right? And you pander to 2% of the population? Really? This is like slitting your own wrists!"

"Memo to Oreo: You guys should be about selling cookies and making money. Why in the heck would you intentionally offend the vast majority of Americans with this crap? You make a decent cookie, but you need to fire your PR people."

"Oreo, I take PRIDE in not purchasing your product any longer. To stand with a social unacceptable and biblical unacceptable life style is repugnant at best. Fair well sweet childhood treat of mine."

The worst ones are:

"Gays can all go kill them selves they are sinners and will burn in hell"

"don't support gays or the companies that do and hell yea i'm a hater! being a fag is just wrong and always will be!!!! you should all be exiled to some island where you can all share aids together!! no more oreos for this family!!!!!"

"Since when does a cookie support faggots? I ain't earn that no more, I can't stand queers! Y'all get yer own island n live on it and all y'all can have yer fag parties cause I don't like NONE of y'all on bit! Oreo .... I HATE U FOR SUPPORTING GAYISM"

Some of the positive comments I saw were:

"Being LGBT is not a crime against God nor is it a crime to support it, so I am saying from one human to another if you believe the teachings of Jesus Christ then you should love every human and not pick people out because of their sexual orientation or who they are friends with. BTW to get through this world your going to need to LOVE AND TOLERATE."

"to all you haters, you are seriously outnumbered. not just here, but in the real world. and for those who cling to religion to defend their hate, (which is hypocritical to begin with), do you believe everything your old books say about women as well? because if you do, you must be really freaked out at the world today! kudos to oreo for being modern and unafraid to support humankind!"

"Most of you people who won't buy Oreos any more could probably stand to eat a few less of them anyway, so in a sense, they've done you a big favour."

"Since so many ignorant bigots claimed that they were unliking the page or not buying any more Oreos because of this fantastic picture, I am very proud to say that I decided to like this page and go buy a pack for the very same reason. :-D. Thank you for supporting the LGBTQ community, Oreo!"

"Thank you for taking a stand, recognizing that love has more than one attribute. And it does look freaking delicious!!"

"Good for you Oreo, knew I loved you for a reason!!!!"

"LOVE THIS! Equality for all!!! ♥ xoxox :):):)"

"Hello Homophobes, I'd like to tell you something. There's this place, and it's called the real world, and sometimes in the real world, Guys love guys, And chicks love chicks. Say hello to reality."

"I heard on the news this morning that Nabisco said they aren't going to put the pride colored oreo's on the shelf. I find it sad that a company of that magnitude will allow a group of people intimidate them into changing their mind about that. It says a lot about their company."

and the best ones of all:

"All you folks who won't be buying Oreos anymore because of their support for gays, you do know you're saying this on Facebook, right? Facebook also supports gay rights. See y'all! (or not)"

"I'm a happily married Christian woman & I'm a sinner. I'll certainly admit I've not read the entire Bible but I'm certain there's not different degrees of sin. Sin is sin is sin, who are you to judge homosexuals because their sin is different than yours! Who are you to judge period? Instead of sitting online bashing other people, go spread His love! & eat the Oreo's or don't, nobody really cares! I'll continue to eat them!"

"Oreo = equality! First they brought black and white together and NOW gay pride!! Time to buy some Oreo cookies!"

This is rather upsetting to me since I have a lot of friends that are Gay, Lesbian, Transgender, and Bisexual. Maybe it's that I didn't have enough coffee this morning but my heart was hurting. I love all my friends no matter what their sexual orientation is. I am not forcing them to be straight and they are not forcing me to be like them. Why can't the haters see this?

With the upcoming presidential election just 5 months away the gloves are coming off and people are getting nasty! It seems since last year when the great debates started, the Republican candidates for President, the intolerance levels kicked up into high gear and have been doing nothing but climbing higher since. They are very vocal in banning gay marriage and trying to ban gays from adopting children into a loving home!

These kinds of discussions among the candidates has made this Green Party believer decide that this election year I will be voting for Obama. The day I heard Vice President Joe Biden say, on Meet The Press, that he was for marriage equality for all, no matter what your sexual orientation is made my heart smile.

When will the United States of America and all it's citizen realize what other countries on this planet have learned and accepted? Are we always going to have this hatred towards interracial marriages, homosexual relationships, one religion hating the other and constantly fighting? In the great words of the Rodney King, "CAN'T WE ALL JUST GET ALONG?"

Tolerance is acceptance, acceptance is good. If you are religious and read the bible, does it not teach us to love thy neighbor? It does not say Love thy neighbor only if they are straight. Doesn't the bible have a story about stoning a certain prostitute but Jesus stopped them by saying "Let he who has not sinned cast the first stone?" The woman he saved was Mary Magdalene, who later became a faithful follower because Jesus accepted her for what she was. This makes me think of Jerry Falwell & Bill O'Reilly sharing a prostitute at a religious convention in 2006. John 3:16 says For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. Does this mean that a christian gay man cannot go to heaven even though he believes in God and his son because the bible thumpers in this country keep touting that being a homosexual is a sin and they are going to hell? Doesn't the passage mean they will go to heaven because God will wash their sins with the blood of Christ? Now I am not a religious person at all, but growing up I went to Girls Club and was taught this and other passages. If I interpret this correctly, I would be washed of all of my sins, no matter what they were, and I would go to heaven if I accept Jesus as my Lord and Savior.

What I would like to know is this, can a cookie turn you gay? Seriously? If you can honestly tell me yes it will turn you gay and you have scientific proof I will gladly stop eating the Oreos. Actually I might not because a large majority of straight men LOVE watching lesbians have sex, yes even the Republicans!!! Hell most of them would want to be the cream filling in a threesome (pun intended!). Get off you freaking high horses and sit among the real people and find that you cannot catch gayness like a cold! You might actually find that homosexual people are just like you and me in most ways. Please, learn tolerance and accept people, all people, for who they are. After all, Jesus forgave Judas for selling him out to the Romans, you can forgive someone for their sexuality.

For what should have been a beautiful day for me, I am left with a horrible taste in my mouth filled with sadness.


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  • Not to mention that "Oreo" has a certain connotation on the South Side.

  • In reply to jack:

    I think I know what you mean Jack :-)

  • You know, the cookie looks like an improvement to me, especially if all the flavors were included, if it were a real product.

    Let's call things as they are. Their are ignorant people everywhere who hate one thing or another, then there are activists who, in the name of tolerance, want others freedom of vulgar speech to be shut down, and who insist on putting their cause front and center in the lives of virtually everybody. A little of this is true on all fronts. The Gay Pride Parade is celebrated in the media like it is a Disney parade; yet some of the floats and displays are, shall we say, edgy.

    Also, most straight people do not identify their beings with their sexual orientation, so the idea of peoples whose sole persona (to them) is about who they sleep and have sex with is off-putting.

    You can be sad or you can be happy. I'd pick the happiness. Speaking from an objective point of view the entire "gay movement" over the last 40 years has achieved many of its goals.

    Groups will always distrust others, just as some in the gay community are rife with hate regarding straight people. Ain't going to change them, no matter what color the cookie.

  • In reply to Richard Davis:


    I appreciate your opinion and agree to some of your points, but I do not agree with the "gay movement" getting many of their goals. It seems this country is taking quite a few steps backwards from where we were 2 years ago if not more.

  • In reply to Brandi Wall:

    Brandi, I am not sure how old you are, but when I was young "homosexuality was the love that dare not say its name". That was the whisper. Now, it appears to many straight people, that homosexuality is the love that can't keep quiet. It sounds harsh, but that is the opinion of a good number of straight people.

    When any group pushes there is bound to be push-back. Many straight people cannot identify, or have empathy for, a group of people who identify themselves almost solely by whom they have sex with.

    If you do not think that gay acceptance is much greater than it was some forty years ago, I can excuse that because of your age. I'll be honest, I am a reviled white (by appearance) male, and I tire of all the claims made by so many groups for special preference. This with the idea that I (and my peers) enjoy some kind of lofty, privileged position in society, when, in truth, I am invisible. This bothers me in a way, because I am not even white, but I have no claim to the special access that law an culture has given to society.

    Keep on living a good life, and good things will come to you. Swim upstream when you have to, but understand that going with the flow is not necessarily a wrong thing to do at times.

  • In reply to Richard Davis:

    Richard, for you to say that homosexuals are not keeping quiet now shows how little you know about them. Not all of the homosexuals I know are loud, flag waving "queers" as many say they are. Please go to The Queer Guys posting that shows he is gay, he is proud but he is not wearing it all over his body for the world to see.

    My age has nothing to do with the subject at hand. When I was young, the homosexuals in my high school were not out and loud because they knew what the issues that followed it. There was gay bashing in my high school. The first boy to come out was when I was a junior and he was beaten rather badly and when he came back to school he still held his head high and finished out his schooling. Girls on the softball team came out either their senior year or shortly after graduating because they did not want to be seen as a boy and bullied as they have the boy or other kids around this country. Back then the Pride Parade was not nearly as big as it is now in Chicago. Please do not judge because you might be older. it does not change anything. Racism was and is prevalent in my lifetime, Gay bashing is huge through out my lifetime, and religious battles (not just what the terrorist have done) have been going on during my lifetime.

  • fb_avatar

    Your mistake is you only quote the sweet forgiving scriptures and none of the ones about judgment. The scriptures do say to love but also says to hate sin. In the story of Jesus and the woman who was being stoned FOR ADULTERY who was NOT Mary Magdalene (her story never says she was a prostitute but it is fitting to assume it what it does say is that Jesus cast seven demons from her but that as absolutely nothing to do with the story you mentioned), Jesus told the men that the one who has never sinned should throw the first stone then when they realized none could do it they left but Jesus did not then just "except her for who she was." He asked her if there was any man left to stone her and she said "No, my Lord" and his reply was "The go and sin no more."
    And that fellow Americans is what the Bible is about. We are all sinners, we all need a savior, we all need grace but we must leave our sins to follow His ways. Yes, the bible states clearly that Homosexuality is a sin. In Leviticus God commands that any man who sleeps with a man shall be put to death by stoning but most people wave it off because that is the old testament. But Paul said:
    1 Timothy 1:9-11
    New International Version (NIV)
    9 We also know that the law is made not for the righteous but for lawbreakers and rebels, the ungodly and sinful, the unholy and irreligious, for those who kill their fathers or mothers, for murderers, 10 for the sexually immoral, for those practicing homosexuality, for slave traders and liars and perjurers—and for whatever else is contrary to the sound doctrine 11 that conforms to the gospel concerning the glory of the blessed God, which he entrusted to me.

    Those are some pretty horrible people that Paul grouped gays up with in the NT! We cannot use the excuse that "it's just how they are" to tolerate homosexuality because that would be a can of worms! What about rapists who rape and murder a 12 year old girl? Could he not say his desire to have children is just how he is? What about a man who wishes to have 30 wives? What about the woman who sexually abuses her daughter? When are the people who wish to mate with animals going to be wanting a special cookie too? No, when you change what sex and love is you change the foundation of a family is and when that is changed you shake the foundation of our nation. How will that work out? Ask the people of the Roman empire.

    If you want to use the bible you take all the scriptures or none. Yes, even the scriptures that put a woman below her husband. Study it and Old and New Test. you will find God is against homosexuality just as much as he is against murder, stealing, or idolatry.

    Ephesians 5:3
    But among you there must not be even a hint of sexual immorality, or of any kind of impurity, or of greed, because these are improper for God’s holy people.

  • In reply to Melody Hunt:


    I appreciate you sharing your opinion, and you need to know that it is your opinion. I do not agree with what you have to say, but will admit my fault with the prostitute that Jesus saved from the stoning. I have not read the bible past genesis since I believe in EVOLUTION. Oh forgive me, that will send me on my way to hell because I do not believe in a man made being that somehow hovers over us. Wait, maybe I should because that would put me into believing the paranormal activities and that would be a SIN again because it is SCIENCE and science is bad.

    Now on a serious note here, I thank you for pointing out my error. It was said as it was because i have confused what people have told me about Jesus and watching history shows about Jesus' followers and what people have told me about Jesus saving the prostitute from the stoning. I assumed they were the same woman.

    The reason I stuck to the more lighter side of the bibles scripture is because, as you can see plainly, this article is about tolerance as well. I was trying to show the people with hatred in their hearts, as you are showing here, that the bible still says that if you accept Jesus as your savior you are washed of your sins and allowed into heaven. You did not answer the one question I posed to people of your faith to answer. Please, you seem to know the bible so well, explain to me if a gay male who has accepted Christ as his savior will be washed of his sin and go to heaven? You seem to be the voice of god now since you are passing judgement as The Queer Guy has so educated me of.

    Please explain to me how you can associate homosexuality with pedophiles, abusers, murderers, rapists, and those that are into beastiality. None of these people have anything in common, they are sick deviants that should be behind bars or castrated! I guess to your kind a sis is that same as any other sin so if you steal you are as bad as a guy that puts his p$ in a chicken. Am I correct is saying so, you are after all speaking for God.

    You do know that the bible was written many years after Jesus was supposedly alive, crucified and the reincarnated, sorry resurrected. Sex between men had been going on for years in Roman times but it was in all countries like Turkey, Greece, Egypt, Germany, what was Spain and England for decades during the Roman Era. I took Latin in high school and research and taught myself a little history about the people of that time period. The Romans had a garrison in most of these countries as they conquered them and we know some of them liked the company of men.

    I joke with you about your faith because i do not believe in it. I am sorry if it offends you but i find it HILARIOUS people follow a spirit, which is a ghost that can be paranormal, and so on as I said above. I also cannot believe that being a homosexual is a sin, if that were so would god not smit them? I believe, if I were to believe the bible, he would forgive the gay man and move along to things that really need his attention.

    Again, I am sorry if I have offended you, but I do appreciate you sharing your opinion and it is just that YOUR opinion. I choose to disagree with it and shall move on.

  • Really, another sad attempt to link homosexuality to pedophilia. Because I am a man and I love another man doesn't mean I am a pedophile or that I would ever have an urge to have sex with a child. I am quite worried that you mind is on that more than mine. It is not something I ever think and am as disgusted as you.

    Give us, gays, some credit. We are God loving people and it sad that your are so ignorant that you think your God, whom is all loving and should be the only one to judge others, would hate me and allow you to judge me. Maybe you should read the bible again.

    Judging those in His name is a sin. I don't judge you, stay the hell out of my life. You are the only sinner here.

  • In reply to The Queer Guy:

    C'mon, we all judge. You are a bona fide saint not to judge. Even Jesus judges: he tossed the money changers out of the Temple. That said, you may not judge, and you may stay the hell out of others lives, but the gay activists ---as with ALL activists-- never stay out of others lives. They do not believe in "live and let live".

    God loves homosexuals just the same as he loves straight people. Maybe even more, because of the inner struggle some have to endure.

    God judges. Humans judge. I judge. You judge. Admit it. If you do not judge, you are not human. Or you are a liar.

    Oh, and whomever you were responding to here, accusing (judging) them to be sinners. I must confess: I am a sinner, too.

  • In reply to Richard Davis:

    Richard, I believe he is referring to judging who is a sinner, only God is the rightful judge there according to the gentleman who too theology classes.

    How can you say that gay activists do not believe in "live and let live?" They are not the ones trying to take away your rights to sleep with a woman, to marry, or to adopt children. It is the straight, white, conservative, men that impose their lives on to the gay community. However, not only the gay community but women as well! I am not telling you as a man you cannot have Viagra when you want to sleep with a 20 something year old so why is it ok for you as a man to tell me I cannot have birth control? So please do not say the gays are pushing their agenda on you as a straight male, it is not true!

    Please explain the money changers part. As I said to Melody, I never read the bible.

  • In reply to Brandi Wall:

    Brandi, we all judge. God is the ultimate judge, but I think we can all agree that robbing someone at gunpoint is wrong. That is a judgment.

    The problem I have is with all activists. Gay activists are not seen as trying to "take away" rights of straight people, but to achieve "rights" over and above what the rest of the population enjoys. If you were to survey the horrible, reviled white men ( you distain is evident), you might be surprised that most do not care who you sleep with, what or if you use birth control.

    Prey, tell, is it not possible for you to sleep with whom you wish, enter into agreements with whom you wish, and to go to the nearest drug store and get birth control? Do you see a line of pudgy white guys blocking the Walgreen's entrance? I don't.

    Jesus, contrary to popular myth, was not some wimpy guy who went about turning cheeks until he ran out of them. Jesus was a man who had all the emotions of a man. The money changers at the temple used to take the shechkles or Roman coin and trade it for special offerings that could be made to God in the Temple. The moneychangers would charge a huge exchange fee, and this was an impediment to the poor worshiping freely. Jesus was pissed that these hucksters would defile His Father's Temple by doing this, so he went in there one fine day and overturned their tables, whipped a few of them, and, I imagine, had a few ungodly words for them. The meaning obvious: you do not have to be rich to worship in the Lord's Temple.

    The Bible is very interesting and often quoted out of context; yet it forms the basis of much of Western thought and law. A course just for knowledge sake would be worthwhile, whether you believe or not. It helps to put many things of today in perspective.

    PS, I do not need the little blue pill ;---> and do not lump me in with "white males", as I am not white but am male. I am also not conservative. Read some of my stuff: I am a radical, only not what you think.

  • In reply to Richard Davis:

    Richard, I was not lumping you in any category, I was using the figurative you as an example. It is just like when a man is talking about women's right they say you not women when they are talking to a woman. I also stick by what I say, I am not going to tell you as a man you cannot get Viagra (regardless if you personally need it but as the male species does) so do not go tell me what I can or cannot do as a woman. As far as the white comment goes, your photo is of a white male to me, but again this was in regards to republican men which a majority are white that are discussing women's health care as if it really affects them. I will have to re-read the rest of your comment and get back to you. Duty calls!

  • Sad but simple. Sad because of the pathology of scared dis-informed people. Simple because like witch burnings and insane asylums, we eventually learn better!

  • In reply to Jack Spatafora:

    Jack, thank you so much for the well said, simple yet educated, response.

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