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Ignorance, Tolerance and the Oreo Cookie

*SMFH* I woke up today thinking this was going to be a great day. My diet so far seems to be working, even though I have only lost a pound since seeing the doctor last week I am feeling physically great! I am almost done with physical therapy for my arches that were just shy... Read more »

What does the reversal of Obamacare mean to you? EVERYTHING!

With the Supreme Court ruling on the health care plan, which was passed by Congress and signed into law back on March 23, 2010, we have a huge situation about to hit the fan. For those of you that do not care about insurance there is a reason this law came about. Think about every... Read more »

Is The Prometheus Review Correct?

Random inkling today. I was searching reviews for Prometheus when the Office Manager where I work sent me this image: Seems that Movies.Com has this movie as 17 minutes and a Comedy. Me thinks Movies.Com needs to get on this and correct it pronto! I know I would be highly upset to see this movie... Read more »