Mitt Romney Hazes "Gay Boy" While In High School

I just got a phone call from a very good friend, Ed, that I exchange political discussions with on a daily basis. Ed and I side with the same political beliefs though he is a Democrat and I am Green Party. He just informed me of a breaking news story about Mitt Romney having hazed a boy in high school because Romney assumed he was gay. I am sorry but why didn't this come out when he was running for President the last time? Is it because people were afraid to share their beliefs in equal rights for gays and straights? Too afraid to stand up to a bully like Romney?

Our President Obama, god bless him, just came out yesterday saying he was for gay marriage and I applaud him. It is about time that someone with authority finally said they were for it. I never felt prouder to be an American since the death of bin Ladin till yesterday, but now I see an presidential candidate is blowing smoke around us about his fight against women and now the gays that we cannot see what he did in the past? Guess what Mitt, YouTube speaks volumes! Not to mention your dirty laundry is coming back to haunt you.

The Washington Post has an article today about this hazing incident and this was beyond something Romney can come back from in my eyes of as an equal rights activist. He actually had the nerve to have this kid tackled to the ground and then cut his hair because he did not feel it was appropriate. Sorry Mitt but do you do this to your own children when they went through a phase in life of rebellion? Did you force all your boys to get the military cut that you sport and dress them in suits and ties all the time?

Because no one spoke up that saw the incident, Romney went unpunished - "Friedemann, guilt ridden, made a point of not talking about it with his friend and waited to see what form of discipline would befall Romney at the famously strict institution. Nothing happened." Is this not a form of bullying? Does this mean that Romney is ok with all the incidents that have been coming to light about kids being bullied for their sexuality? Sorry Mitt but this is not a prank, this is blatant bullying and you cannot get away with saying I am sorry now because it does not work that way with voters come November.

To all the bullies out there, get your act together and realize that you are not going to get away with this crap when you try to run for office as Mitt is starting to realize.

Come November, this Green Party voter will be voting Obama as well as many of my gay and lesbian friend! Seriously people, I have lots of gay friends and they do not push their beliefs on me and I do not push mine on them. We coexist with no issues! Why can't the rest of the world figure this out? Being gay or lesbian is not a disease, it is not like you can catch it. Let them marry, let them adopted children that need a home. And most of all, STOP BULLYING THEM!!! Love thy neighbor whatever their sexual orientation is!

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