Susan G. Komen reverses cutting funds to Planned Parenthood

Breast cancer screening and research is very important to me because I lost both my great grandmother and my grandmother to breast cancer. Screenings saved both my aunts Barbara and Julia when they both, at the age of 46, were diagnosed with breast cancer. I recently had a scare, in October of 2011, and it was because I went for my very first mammogram. Luckily for me, my lump was non-cancerous, but blood tests might prove that I am at risk in a few years of developing. So as you can see, this news really hit home for me. Komen did the right thing by reversing their decision to stop funding and this makes me PROUD to know that they stood up against the opposition pressuring them. I applaud you Susan G. Komen!

I am sure that the Komen organization realized what a terrible decision it was to stop funding organizations like Planned Parenthood, who service low income and uninsured women with cancer screening, especially after it was blasted all over every social media outlet and blog since the announcement.

I, for one, do not support the organization and yesterday asked a friend on Facebook that was going to tag me in a photo, she is trying to help raise money for the Avon Walk this year, not to if they donated any money to the Komen organization because I cannot condone their cutting out funding Planned Parenthood. Now that the Komen organization has reversed their decision, I might share the donations that I help raise for Y-ME and support Planned Parenthood as well as Komen.

In the world we live in today there are many unemployed women that cannot afford health insurance, there are women that have minimum wage jobs that do not offer health insurance and are forced with "Do I eat this month or do I buy insurance" and not to mention the elderly women that can barely afford their medication let alone try and pay for an annual mammogram. Women in these circumstances depend on organizations like Planned Parenthood to take them in, provide them with the medical services they need and provide it to these women at a reasonable cost while making up the difference with such funding as Komen was providing. My mother is a prime example where she gets paid about enough to buy insurance and just that, but she chooses to pay the bills and buy groceries before taking care of herself. One of the main reasons I had to voice my opinion on twitter and Facebook in opposition to the Komen decision to cancel funding.

When I heard the news that Komen dropped the funding this infuriated me. As a potential cancer patient myself, I do not want to find out that I cannot go to my local Planned Parenthood and have my annual mammogram procedure done because they cannot afford to keep the equipment up to date or watching as many women in my neighborhood are turned away because they cannot afford to have a breast examined done.

I am glad to see that Komen caved to the pressures of all the men and women that support breast cancer screenings, and women like me that need such screenings due to family history. organizations need to start standing up for themselves and realize that no one person or party should stop them from funding cancer screenings or research just because they also provide abortions as an option to women.

In a country like ours, when did medical needs become second to some right winged who-has pressuring organizations like Komen to stop funding organizations like Planned Parenthood because they offer abortions? This is ridiculous. If they were able to get away with stopping the funds to Planned Parenthood I am sure they would then go after the doctors and hospitals that take funding that offer abortion as an option to unwanted or complicated pregnancies that will compromise the mother. When does the vicious cycle stop? Since when do we, as Americans, put our medical procedures in the hands of politicians?

Have these politicians realized that 1% of all cases are men? Think about that next time you speak badly about Planned Parenthood Mr. Politician.

If the right wing wants to tell me what I can and cannot do with my body and who I can or cannot see about it, then why don't they pay for it? I will gladly have my doctor remove my uterus, my breasts and whatever else they want to rule over and send it to them. Politicians want to tell me what to do I will gladly give it up and you can control it from your own office!

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