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Chinese New Year – Year of the Black Water Dragon – Superstitions/Traditions

For many of my readers (the few that do read my blog for the recipes) I am half Chinese and do follow some of the superstitions/traditions. I have learned through questioning my mother, my grandparents teachings, friends and online searches what some of the meanings to each are. I was born the Year of the... Read more »

Smoked/Polish Sausage, Sauerkraut and Red Potatoes

This recipe is something my parents have been cooking for years. Growing up I didn’t like the sour taste of sauerkraut and through it was weird, but of course like most people my tastes changed as I got older. Now, whenever I order a hotdog, brat or polish from the local burger joint I ALWAYS... Read more »

Spaghetti Sauce With A Little V8

Most times when you hear V8 you are either looking at a car engine or watching Jackie Chan commercials for the vegetable packed juice that is great for making Bloody Mary’s! After I made my Virgin Bloody Mary Chicken I decided that I would use V8 as my tomato sauce to give a boost in... Read more »