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Virgin Bloody Mary Chicken

Ever have someone bring over those little cans of V8 to make Bloody Mary’s and now they are sitting on your pantry shelf? Well I had the privilege of being the one that bought them so others could make their own Bloody’s but no one did. I love V8 but do not always remember that... Read more »

Chicken Breast with Caramelized Pearl Onions

I am starting to experiment with cooking lately. A lot of it is due to lack of time but the need to eat and other times it is because i am tired of making my favorite things. This recipe I came up with after having shopped at Aldi. Who knew you could go shopping there... Read more »

Creamed Broccoli Soup

Since it is cold outside most of my dishes now are soups, stews or pasta dishes. Something about the cold just makes me want hearty meals. I am guessing it is the hibernating bear in all of us that makes cooking healthy a little more difficult. This is a recipe that will be healthy and... Read more »