Taking a from cooking to speak on politics

I know it has been a long time since I have written a post with regards to cooking. Pretty much my life has been about the singles scene and trying to figure out the state of affairs with politics. Being beaten down with people views and beliefs in politics has really made me think more about where my next pay check is coming from then what am I cooking tonight.

Have any of you been finding yourself glued to MSNBC, CNN or god forbid Fox News? I have been finding myself watching the evening selection of MSNBC the past few months and cannot figure out what all the huff is about with the economy and those running for president next year.

I do have to say, I am not a fan of Michele Bachmann at all, let alone the Tea Party itself. Now please do not find this as a way to express your feelings for or against the Tea Party, or the right wing in general, this is just my opinion and do not feel like being beaten over the head with all the opinions either left or right at this moment. I love how people get so heated when you talk bad about someone, to the point the make no sense in what they write.

Now I am not a fan of Obama, but I also do not blame him for the state of the countries economy. I was listening to Rachel Maddow on the Late Show last night and she brought up a good point, why are we giving tax breaks when we are at war? People are just so tied up in who to blame that they do not see the real picture.

Look at the country like a business. We are shoppers of said business (taxes) and it's employees expect to be paid (military and politicians) as well as the people the business owe money too (banks, foreign countries, etc.). In order for the business to pay their debtors they need to raise the cost of their products (taxes) to pay off the existing debt and any future debt. If we do not raise the taxes on businesses and the top 1% how will we be able to pay for the debt accumulated? You need to have money coming in to pay and if you do not then you close up shop and file for bankruptcy. Do you really see the United States of America filing for bankruptcy?

How is it companies are getting away with all these tax breaks and barely paying anything, then turn around and post huge profits compared to the year before? I am sorry but does this seem fare that a company, after paying its debt to employees and suppliers, posting a huge profit just doesn't seem right. This means that, we, the consumers are paying far too much for something and the big businesses are taking advantage of the supply and demand portion of life.

So we raise the debt ceiling, but I bet you anything that as long as we are fighting a war and giving away money to countries that have stabbed us in the back (Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Israel, China, Africa, etc.) we will need to raise the ceiling again until those that run the government realize that they are the ones that need to give up a few precious things like their pet projects, the freedoms they have given big business and start taxing those that have been skirting by on the bare minimum or not paying anything at all.

I would love to know why we give money to countries that turn around and hurt us or their own people like Somalia, Pakistan and Afghanistan, because they are starving yet we cannot seem to deal with our own countries poverty issue and children going to bed hungry? I am not saying that we are doing a bad thing with helping countries that are in need, but in the case of Somalia, you have a warlord that is running the country and taking what we give them and still letting their people starve. Then when the United States tried to help the UN bring food and water they are attacked! If you do not believe this then you need to watch Black Hawk Down. This is a 2001 American war-drama film depicting the Battle of Mogadishu where Americans trying to capture the Somali warlord selling arms to the militia of Mohammed Farrah Aidid.

Makes me realize why I prefer to cook at home then buy a frozen meal, even if the frozen meal is more convenient. Although I have been eating out more recently, I know that I am at least keeping someone employed even if it is for just one more day. One less person collecting unemployment, one less person disappointed in the fact that there are no jobs yet more people competing for any job that does become available.

Jobs is another thing I do not blame this President for yet others night say it is because of him that many are unemployed. Sorry but this has been an ongoing issue for many years, it is just now under the microscope because it is easier to try and blame him then it is to say "Hey this has been going on forever!"

I have always known that I will not have social security when I retire so I have invested in a 401k and hope that after this recession it will bounce back. Will that happen? I am not sure at the point but I can only hope. I am starting to think I need to invest in the Bank of Bed and hope that we do not revisit the 1920's!

*Jumps off soapbox for now*

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