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Pepper Steak

Ok, So I finally had a chance to break away from the monotony of work and bring you today’s recipe. My mom use to make this from time to time when skirt steak was on sale.  it is a quick and easy dish that I love to make since it involves two of my favorite... Read more »

Pasta Primavera - Vegetarian Style

Well, I was going to post this last night but after having participated in Earth Hour I decided to just keep all things off and head to bed early. I am dedicating this recipe to a really good friend, Jeanine Valdez.  She was the first person that accepted me in the firm I work at... Read more »

Pulled Pork Sandwiches

Well, summer is around the corner and I thought I would share this recipe to get us all in the BBQ season mood.  What better way to think about summer then with those tasty little critters called pigs?  Who knew something so cute could produce such tasty things as baby back ribs, ham, pork chops,... Read more »

Lamb Chops, Its Whats For Dinner

Wow, this is my first blog about my cooking and I am super excited to share it with so many of you here in Chicago.  I have been cooking on my own for quite some time now as an adult, but the learning has been an ongoing process, like they say you can never stop... Read more »