Republicans Suffer From A Bad Case Of Irony Deficiency!

In a moment of weakness I decided to watch the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation hearings.  Call it curiosity.  Call it masochism.  Call it being just plain stupid.  But as I watched the human hot air balloons on the Republican side of the aisle, I couldn’t help but be struck by the galloping hypocrisy Republicans demonstrated time... Read more »

Kavanaugh? KavaNOPE!!!

The essence of a good judge is the ability to hear the facts of the case and then render a judgment accordingly.  The law expects objectivity from its judges.  The fundamental meaning of the word prejudice is to pre-judge without reference to the facts.  What we have seen since the dark days of the Nixon... Read more »

My Cancer Update

As some of you who read this blog already know, I’ve been diagnosed with Stage 3-B esophageal cancer, an aggressive form of the disease.  I’ve undergone chemo and radiation therapies and initially the results seemed spectacularly successful.  A nine centimeter tumor seemingly disappeared.  Unfortunately, the cancer is back.  It’s still localized and hasn’t spread to... Read more »
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Conventional Wisdom Is Seldom Wise

Much is being written about the 2020 Presidential election.  Much has already been written.  Doubtless a great deal more will be.  But I can’t get over the feeling that most of it will turn out to be wrong.  Does this put me into the Trump camp, denouncing “fake news” and implying that what comes from... Read more »


The word comity comes from the Latin and it simply means courtesy.  If you hadn’t noticed, comity has been missing from the halls of government for quite some time now.  Its absence explains why our government has largely been dysfunctional over the past several years.  More to the point, it is a characteristic that the... Read more »

John McCain: A Hero For Our Time!

The news that Senator John S. McCain has decided to forego further treatment for his cancer has caused most of the political world to shower him with well-deserved praise.  His ability to set aside partisan differences in order to pursue the best interests of his country sets him apart from the run-of-the-mill politician of today... Read more »

No Collusion!!

NO COLLUSION!!!  These are two words that have frequently come out of the mouth of our President and which he’s used in tweet after tweet.  And to a certain extent he’s right.  Up to the moment at least there have been no formal charges made against Donald Trump or his campaign about conspiring with the... Read more »

Republican Dilemma: Suffer Now, Suffer Later!

In this life we are often forced to make hard decisions.   You’re a student and it’s the night before mid-terms.  Your friends are going out to party and you KNOW you’ll have a blast.  Do you go, even though you know you haven’t studied long enough for you coming exam?  OK, so you go. ... Read more »

Facts "Trump" Fake News!

Within an hour of each other the cases of two former intimate associates of the President of the United States discovered what their former boss has yet to accept.  Namely, spin can only go so far.  At some point rhetoric and emotional appeals are counterbalanced with cold, hard facts and in THAT battle hard facts... Read more »

Would You Buy A Used Car From Omarosa?

When I first started writing this blog, my idea was to show that it was possible to discuss politics and public policy rationally.  The blog was supposed to be an oasis of reason in a sea of crazed shouting and screaming.  But over the two or so years I’ve been writing this magnum opus, we’ve... Read more »