Who's To Blame? Some Democrats Should Look In The Mirror!

All too often during the 2016 Presidential election, friends and acquaintances of mine would confess that they couldn’t in good conscience vote for Hillary Clinton.  Even more disturbing, all too many of them later admitted that in the end they voted for Donald Trump.  The announced retirement of Justice Anthony Kennedy yesterday brought those votes... Read more »

The Injustices Of The Supreme Court

Once upon a time in the magic kingdom of the United States of America, the poor, the downtrodden and the alienated of our society could feel that even if they had no champion in the White House or walking the halls of Congress, that at least they had an advocate on the Supreme Court.  For... Read more »

Compromise vs. Chaos

When it comes time to discuss the issue of immigration, what is often lost amid the ranting and raving is the need for some kind of compromise.  The fact is that the leadership of both parties refuse to sit down and come to some kind of an agreement that will make the fiasco on our... Read more »
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Be Afraid! Be VERY Afraid!!

In his first Inaugural Address, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt sought to reassure a country shaken to its core by the effects of the Great Depression that they had nothing to fear but fear itself.  Those words of reassurance helped to calm down a deep, abiding anxiety about America’s future and helped pave the way toward... Read more »

Don't Get Mad.....Get Even!

The recent spate of angry reactions to President Trump’s zero tolerance policy is all well and good but, at the end of the day, it’s  just a waste of some well-deserved outrage.  Those of us who oppose Donald Trump and everything he stands for have got to understand one thing.  He doesn’t care WHAT we... Read more »

Yes, This IS America!

All manner of politicians and political pundits have spoken out on President Trump’s zero tolerance policy.  The gist of all their rhetorical flourishes is that the horrific images coming from the Donald Trump Internment Camps For Babies And Children is NOT America.  They insist that America is better than that.  They seem to be trying... Read more »

A Cruel Administration

What’s happening on our southern border demonstrates one thing.  The Trump Administration is cruel.  There’s no other way to put it.  Slice it.  Dice it.  Put it under a microscope and it still comes out mean and cruel.  You can’t find a kind word for wresting kids from their mothers’ arms and locking them up... Read more »

Trump Was ALWAYS A Crook!

As I look back on the tsunami of corruption stories coming out about the Trump Administration, I’m struck by the general impression these stories leave with us.  One might be tempted to think that Donald Trump’s association with the dark side of the law was something that began on Inauguration Day or at the very... Read more »

Konzentrationslager Trump!

Whenever a politician, political pundit, editorial writer or blogger draws an analogy between some current event and Adolph Hitler’s Third Reich, the long knives of criticism are bound to come out.  How can a reasonable person possibly compare Donald Trump with Adolph Hitler, for instance?  They’re nothing at all alike.  And to a certain extent,... Read more »

Bernie Sanders vs. The DNC: Act II

At the height of the 2016 Presidential campaign,Russian hackers delved into the inner recesses of the DNC’s computer system.  Among the juicy tidbits they were able to unearth was the fact that the DNC had tilted the playing field FOR Hillary Clinton and AGAINST Bernie Sanders.  Naturally enough this triggered a loud and sustained protest... Read more »