Michael T. Flynn: It's About CHARACTER!!!

In the weeks and months ahead, I feel confident that the Trump Administration will turn on General Michael T. Flynn with a feral savagery seldom seen in American politics. Doubtless the Minister of Propaganda, one Sara Huckabee Goebbels, I mean, Sanders will portray the not-so-good general as an evil genius who plotted and schemed and... Read more »

The GOP, The Greedy Oligarchs Party!

The Koch Brothers are among the driving forces impelling the Republicans to rush headlong into passing their “tax reform” package. These two men are worth something over fifty BILLION dollars between them. Think about that for a minute. It’s an incomprehensible figure. There are COUNTRIES on this planet of ours that don’t have a GDP... Read more »

Republican "Tax Reform" Is Really Tax Fraud!

American income tax law is a vast expanse of gobbledygook, designed primarily to confuse the average American. There would be no H & R Block or Jackson, Hewitt tax preparers without it. It contains a myriad of secret passages and hidden loopholes devised by avaricious staff lawyers with the intent of creating jobs for themselves... Read more »

General Trump And The Army Of The Rich Are Winning The Class War

One of the most tragic aspects of child abuse is the sense of betrayal and subsequent loss of trust in the affected child. All too often the people who were supposed to be there to protect the best interests of the children were instead the predators who abused them. All during the Presidential campaign, Donald... Read more »

Mr. President, The Noose IS Tightening!!

By and large, we Americans have no sense of history. We tend to live in the moment. There’s nothing terribly wrong with this, that’s just the way we are. And, after all, it IS possible to become too attached to the past, to refuse to let it go. Just ask Hillary Clinton! But sometimes it’s... Read more »

Donald Trump And Roy Moore, Birds Of A Feather!

One of the most difficult questions to answer is only one word long. WHY? All you have to do is ask the parents of a curious child about THAT one. And so it should come as no surprise that the MAJOR question everyone is asking about President Trump’s de facto endorsement of Roy Moore is... Read more »

Lost In The Forest Of Righteous Indignation

First there was Bill Cosby. Then there was Bill O’Reilly. Next up was Harvey Weinstein, followed quickly by Roy Moore. Soon the floodtide of accusations engulfed Al Franken and Charlie Rose. Suddenly we find ourselves coming to a realization that women have known since the dawn of history. Powerful men can and DO take advantage... Read more »

Liberals, Face It. Kirsten Gillibrand Is RIGHT About Bill Clinton!

For the most part, Kirsten Gillibrand has been a quiet voice for progressive causes in the Democratic Party. The biggest waves she’s made up until recently involved criticizing women’s treatment in the military, and rightly so. Sexual abuse has been swept under the carpet by our Armed Forces for far too long and shining the... Read more »

And Trump's Moral Compass Points At.......Al Franken!!

Our estimable President commented via Twitter on the moral depravity of Minnesota senator Al Franken. Now there’s no questioning the fact that Senator Franken sexually harassed Leeann Tweeden. It’s kind of hard to deny such things when the victim is able to provide photographic evidence. But in casting aspersions at Senator Franken’s conduct, our venerable... Read more »

Men Can Be Such Jerks!

Yes, yet another shoe has fallen and this time it landed on the toes of a, GASP, liberal. Yesterday we discovered something many of us have long suspected, namely that Al Franken can be a jerk. I’m sure there are a lot of conservatives who are popping champagne corks and preparing to “celebrate” the downfall... Read more »