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And Trump's Moral Compass Points At.......Al Franken!!

Our estimable President commented via Twitter on the moral depravity of Minnesota senator Al Franken. Now there’s no questioning the fact that Senator Franken sexually harassed Leeann Tweeden. It’s kind of hard to deny such things when the victim is able to provide photographic evidence. But in casting aspersions at Senator Franken’s conduct, our venerable... Read more »

Men Can Be Such Jerks!

Yes, yet another shoe has fallen and this time it landed on the toes of a, GASP, liberal. Yesterday we discovered something many of us have long suspected, namely that Al Franken can be a jerk. I’m sure there are a lot of conservatives who are popping champagne corks and preparing to “celebrate” the downfall... Read more »

Moore Here Than Meets The Eye!

If your only source of news was the Mainstream Media, you’d get the impression that the Roy Moore scandal was ONLY about sex and ONLY about Roy Moore. But you’d be wrong! I understand where the MSM is coming from. Roy Moore, sexual predator, is a nice, simple, easy story to tell with really no... Read more »

Holier Than Thou? The GOP? Surely You Jest!

Surely by now most of my readers have surmised that I’m not exactly a fan of conservatives, or at least not what passes for conservatism nowadays. I was never an ideological conservative or anything that even passed for it, but at one point I RESPECTED conservatives. I may have disagreed with a Barry Goldwater or... Read more »

So, What WOULD Jesus Do About Roy Moore?

Yet another accuser has stepped forward naming the Not So Honorable Roy Moore as a child sex abuser. Even the redoubtable Mitch McConnell has decided to throw Mr. Moore under a passing bus. Yes, even Ole Mitch has decided after three days and hundreds of lame excuses from members of HIS political party that perhaps... Read more »

Republicans! Remember Mark 8:36!!

Republicans like Roy Moore like to pride themselves on their steadfast devotion to their Christian faith and heritage. Many of them, including the erstwhile legal arbiter from Gadsden, Alabama by the way, would go so far as to replace the U.S. Constitution with the Bible, sort of the American version of Sharia law. They LOVE... Read more »

Republicans, Religion And Roy Moore

By now we are all aware of the fact that the Republican candidate for the United States Senate in the state of Alabama has been accused of wanton sexual misdeeds with young women. We should also be aware that these accusations are about acts that took place more than two generations ago and that the... Read more »

Democrats! Party Time Is OVER

Yes indeed, the Democrats had reason to celebrate last night for the first time in five years. But, alas, now we have emerged into the cold, hard light of day and it’s time for us to survey the political landscape. It should be clear by now that voters are angry. And THIS time most of... Read more »

Sutherland Springs: Crocodile Tears Are NOT Good Enough!

Every time there is another mass slaughter with a gun, the National Rifle Association puts on its game face and solemnly declares that all the laws on God’s green earth couldn’t have prevented THAT particular act of butchery. And they’re right. In a world where we blithely sell weapons of mass destruction to the criminally... Read more »

Donna Brazile Is A Moron

I have always been reluctant to speak ill of the dead. Oh wait, Donna Brazile isn’t dead, just her political career. Although perhaps now she can resurrect it. I’m sure the Republicans would be MORE than willing to pay whatever it took to get her to direct another Presidential campaign. I mean, after all, look... Read more »