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The Price Of Democracy Is Eternal Vigilence

When I was a young lad, just starting to follow politics (yes, when dinosaurs roamed the earth!) political reporters would breathlessly ask the late Mayor Richard J. Daley about the latest political poll that had hit the news. More often than not, “Boss” Daley would repeat a truism that had become a cliche even then.... Read more »

Our Constitution And Treason!

I was reading through the comments section of a news story concerning Attorney General Sessions’ remarks concerning “one judge on an island in the Pacific”, and I came across the remarks of an outraged reader who suggested that the aforementioned judge be tried for treason and then hung. Apparently the judge’s treachery was, in this... Read more »

Bernie Sanders! All Promise, NO Expectations!!!

Bernie Sanders is the kind of guy who promises you the world on a platter. He paints word pictures of unsurpassing beauty. Castles in Ireland. Chauffeured limousines. Penthouse apartments. A life of ease and luxury. At first all these promises are both exhilarating and romantic. After a while, the thrill is gone and the promises... Read more »

Bruce Rauner: Yet Another Captive Of The Radical Republican Right

When he ran for governor in 2014, Bruce Rauner labored under the misconception that his money totally insulated him against the troglodyte wing of his party. Well, in 2014 this was mostly true. It had been twelve years since Republicans held the office and they were hungering for the power and perks that went with... Read more »

Progressives, "Moral Victory" Is Just A Euphemism For Defeat!

In the past few weeks, progressives have gone into paroxysms of pleasure over the results of two special Congressional elections. In Kansas, James Thompson managed to LOSE by over eight thousand votes. In Georgia, Joel Ossoff found a way to fight another day by forcing a runoff election in June. Alas, the way that progressives... Read more »

Trump's Taxes And A Stolen Election!

Kellyanne Conway, our President’s personal consigliere, wants the American voting public to back off its demand that we see her boss’ income tax returns. She sagely advises us that the election is over and that Don Corleone, I mean Donald Trump, won. Well, Kellyanne, we are aware of this salient fact. We’re not happy about... Read more »

Don't Blame Sean Spicer. The Fish Stinks From The Head!

Let’s get this straight. Sean Spicer is an ignoramus. He has demonstrated that from the very first day he took the podium as Presidential Press Secretary. Under any other President, Mr. Spicer would have been sending out his resume ages ago. And yet, as of this afternoon, Mr. Spicer is still the voice of the... Read more »

Polls, Politicians, And Palm Sunday

It was Palm Sunday and I was on my computer. By pure happenstance, I came across Dennis Byrne’s “The Barber Shop”. The redoubtable Mr. Byrne was in the midst of singing the praises of our august Vice President, noting particularly his esteemed position in one of the ubiquitous public opinion polls out there. It would... Read more »

The Senate Goes Nuclear In More Ways Than One

Mitch McConnell unilaterally decided to change the way the Senate functions in order to cram Neil Gorsuch onto a seat on the Supreme Court. Now, before all you conservatives get all apoplectic on me, yes, I’m aware that Harry Reid did much the same thing in order to break a growing logjam of federal court... Read more »

WAR!! What Is It Good For? DISTRACTION!!!!

Health care plan in tatters? Job growth slowing dramatically? Caught colluding with the Russians to steal the Presidency? What to do, what to do! Answer? Bomb the hell out of something!! It’s a lesson that most modern Presidents have learned at one time or another. First and foremost, we have the military and technological capacity... Read more »