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Brett Kavanaugh And The Republican War On Women

Yesterday I made it crystal clear that I favor an FBI investigation into the allegations made by Christine Blasey Ford against Brett Kavanaugh.  I do so because it seems to me that this is the only way to insure that she will receive due process under the law.  To date, all arguments for a full... Read more »

It's Called DUE Process!!

I will freely admit that when I first heard that Christine Blasey Ford was demanding an FBI investigation of her allegations against Brett Kavanaugh, I was indignant.  After all, SHE was the one who raised the subject of sexual assault in the first place, and at the last minute.  The Senate Judiciary Committee gave her... Read more »

Just Think!

We live in frenetic times.  We are in a constant rush to get from here to there, even though we’re not always sure just exactly where there is.  Is it any wonder that we’re in the pickle we find ourselves in today?  I’ve been told of a Chinese curse that supposedly goes this way, “May... Read more »

Kavanaugh AND His Accuser Deserve Their Day In Court!

First things first.  Brett Kavanaugh deserves the same assumption of innocence as any other American, this is only right and fair.  The fact that someone has laid a charge of sexual assault on him does not mean that he’s automatically guilty.  By the same token, he should not be deprived of his rightful seat on... Read more »

Trump's Denials Lack CONVICT-ion!

From the very moment that the aroma of suspicion descended on the Trump Presidential campaign, we have been treated to a steady chorus of NOT ME from the White House and Republican environs.  Every new accusation results in the same old song.  Why?  It would appear that Trump World subscribes to the theory that wishing... Read more »

A Remembrance Of Things Past-9/11

I can hardly forget where I was on that fateful day seventeen years ago.  I was at the Board of Trade.  I had just faxed off a copy of a client’s statement to them in New York that morning.  I knew something was up because the television was on and tuned to CNN.  I didn’t... Read more »

Trump Has Nothing To Fear But "FEAR" Itself!

If there is an iconic figure in Washington news reporting circles it’s Bob Woodward.  After all, this is the man who helped bring down Richard Nixon and who, along with Carl Bernstein, kept the Watergate scandal alive when most of official Washington characterized it as a “third-rate burglary”.  So it should come as no surprise... Read more »

The Return Of Barack Obama

I simply couldn’t ignore the lament of our obsequious Vice President, Mike Pence, that Barack Obama had the audacity to come off the political sidelines and join in the political game.  Apparently our good Vice President sees President Obama’s participation in active politics as unseemly, unpresidential, and far beneath Mr. Obama’s dignity as a former... Read more »

The FBI Or Trump's Secret Police?

The emergence of a sleeper resistance leader operating in the bowels of the Trump White House has set off alarm bells, warning the President that even in the bosom of his Administration he’s surrounded by enemies.  Of course, this isn’t the first President in our history to feel hemmed in by enemies.  I seem to... Read more »

What Goes Around Comes Around!

The confirmation hearings of Judge Brett W. Kavanaugh have been highly contentious, no question about it.  The Republican majority has been in an all-fired hurry to shove this candidate down our throats and the Democratic minority has been equally loathe to admit that this candidate has the requisite qualifications to be a Supreme Court justice. ... Read more »