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A Trump Government By Emergency Decree?

The Congress in its wisdom and understanding,  has decided that spending nearly six billion dollars on a superfluous wall is inadvisable.  President Trump disagrees.  So much so that he deems such Congressional action as having triggered an emergency that forces him to declare an emergency so that he can build that superfluous wall.  Perhaps the... Read more »

Fairness vs. Greed

One way or another, life is unfair.  Some people are incredibly smart while others are intellectually slow.  Some people are tall while others are short.  Some are strong while others are weak.  What makes it even worse, there really isn’t anything any of us can do about it.  Life is a game of genetic roulette... Read more »

Let He Who Is Without Sin Cast The First Stone!

I’m pretty sure if you dig into the past of virtually every human being on this planet you’ll find some kind of truly objectionable behavior.  At one time or another most of us have been something less than admirable.  This is especially true of us when we’re young.  Young people are rarely noted for their... Read more »

As The President Has Sown, So Also Shall He Reap!

It’s been reported that President Trump’s State of the Union message will attempt to put across a unifying theme that can bring this country back together.  This is a good thing.  God only knows that the United States could use a little extra unity right about now.  What makes this “news” so ironic is that... Read more »

Howard Schultz, The Centrist Donald Trump!

There can be no doubt that Howard Schultz is a VERY successful businessman.  You don’t amass a fortune in the billions of dollars as he has without a high level of business acumen.  This means he has demonstrated a high level of leadership within a fiercely competitive business market.  But the real question surrounding Mr.... Read more »

How Much Is Enough?

The opening day of Sox Fest started me thinking.  Most of the fans were anxiously waiting to get word of Manny Machado’s decision about where’s he’s going to be playing this coming season.  Rumor has it that the White Sox have offered the talented young shortstop a seven year deal worth something like one hundred... Read more »

Washington D.C. :The New Romper Room!

When you’re a kid you can hardly wait to grow up.  There are so many more things you can do, there are so many privileges that adulthood bestows.  Your life is your own and you are free to choose the what and the when of your life.  Of course, one of the major disappointments of... Read more »

White Sox Can't Play With The Big Boys!!

Let me say right off the bat that I don’t have a clue where Manny Machado will play in 2019.  It is said he wants to play for his favorite team, the New York Yankees, but the Yankees don’t seem all that interested in signing him.  For a while it looked as if the battle... Read more »

The Wall Hits President Trump

From time to time growing up I heard some adult say, “Don’t get mad, get even.”.  I must admit I was never particularly good at following this piece of sage advice.  It required a great deal more grit and determination than I could manage.  But as I’ve grown up I’ve learned how to recognize those... Read more »

Trump's Wall Is A Boondoggle!!!

The fundamental rationale for building a wall along our southern border is presumably to keep out undesirable elements from our country. Democrats would counter that argument by pointing out that there are viable alternatives to a wall which are just as effective and not nearly so expensive.  One can argue back and forth about the... Read more »