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Republicans And Their Faux Christianity

At the early part of the 19th Century, the Industrial Revolution wreaked havoc on Britain’s labor force, creating massive unemployment, mass migration to Britain’s overburdened cities, and dangerously harmful and debilitating poverty. In order to deal with this crisis, the British government established government-run workhouses that were supposed to feed, house and clothe the poor.... Read more »

Trumpcare Cruelty A Surprise? Hardly? No, WE Are The Surprise!!

Now we know the extent of the infamy. Today it is clear that political ideology means more to Republicans than simple, basic humanity. And, in the end, isn’t that what a government-sponsored health care plan was supposed to represent, our humanity? Actually, when you get right down to it, isn’t that what GOVERNMENT is supposed... Read more »

Trumpcare, The Opening Shot In Class Warfare!

It was sort of like waiting for the other shoe to drop. You knew it was going to happen, you just didn’t know when. Trumpcare! Now it’s here and a joyful noise can be heard throughout the land. Well, perhaps not if you’re poor and on Medicaid. But I’m sure tax accountants and tax attorneys... Read more »

Hey, Democrats! Let The Whining Begin!!

Well, they did it again. The Democrats somehow were able to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory yet again. This time it was the Sixth Congressional District in the state of Georgia. First it was Kansas. Next it was Montana. And when you get right down to it, yesterday represented a double defeat because... Read more »

TrumpCare Truth:It's Gonna HURT!!

There is one incontrovertible truth about quality health care anywhere on planet Earth. It’s damned expensive. We all know this, liberals and conservatives, Republicans and Democrats. There are probably ways you can tweak the system to make it somewhat less painful to pay for, but it still won’t come cheap. So when you hear some... Read more »

You Know There's Trouble Coming When The Veep Lawyers Up!

You see it happen all the time on cop shows. A suspect is brought in for questioning. All is sweetness and light until the cops start getting serious and ask a lot of incriminating questions. Then the first thing out of the suspect’s mouth is, “I ain’t talkin’ til I see my lawyer!!”. Ah the... Read more »

Jesus Loves Me! YOU? Not So Much!

I used to teach Sunday School in my parish. So I got used to seeing a bunch of innocent faces breaking out into song. And one of the most popular of them was, of course, Jesus Loves Me. It’s a wonderful song, not so much musically but the sentiments are wonderful. After all, isn’t that... Read more »

The Shark vs. The Whale or Rauner v. Pritzker

By every indication, it would appear J.B. Pritzker is about to purchase the Democratic Party’s nomination for governor of Illinois, which is fine with me. After all, isn’t that what Bruce Rauner did on the Republican side in 2014? Of course, not everyone is exactly pleased with this prospect. Chris Kennedy for one is pissed.... Read more »

Liar, Liar! The President's Pants Are On Fire!!

In a move stunning for its sheer ironic audacity, President Trump has offered to testify under oath in order to rebut the explosive testimony of the man he fired as the Director of the FBI. What makes this offer so ironic, of course, is that it was made by a man many of us suspect... Read more »

James Comey And Russiagate. How Shakespearean!!

No doubt about it, the Comey testimony made for wonderful theater. Very Shakespearean. Alas, this most recent dramatic production more resembles Shakespeare’s MacBeth. Act 5, Scene 5 more specifically. “Life’s but a walking shadow, a poor player that struts and frets his hour upon the stage and then is heard no more. It is a... Read more »