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If This Be Treason, Make The Most Of It!

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, one of the definitions for treason is the betrayal of trust.  On that basis therefore, Donald Trump is guilty of treason, at least in the literal sense of the word.  To his many fans and followers this, of course, would be a lot of nonsense.  However, I believe that when... Read more »

Overturn Roe v. Wade?

For quite some time now I’ve had my doubts about the way Roe v. Wade was decided.  While I’ve always supported the ultimate outcome of the decision, I’ve questioned the legal reasoning behind it.  I think the vast majority of Americans are in agreement that women, and men too for that matter, have a “right... Read more »

Republicans Could Use Some Foresight!

When you get right down to it, things are going pretty well for Republicans governmentally.  They control both the White House and the Supreme Court and while they no longer control the House of Representatives their control of the Senate gives them veto power over the Democrats in the Congress as a whole.  Judging from... Read more »

NOW'S The Time For Impeachment!!

The issue the House of Representatives is grappling with is whether to initiate impeachment proceedings against President Trump or not.  Let me state here categorically that NOW is the time for the House to impeach.  Yes, I’m a self-confessed Democrat, and a liberal one at that.  So my position on the matter can hardly come... Read more »

Cancer And The Art Of Writing A Blog

I don’t claim to have the biggest following here at Chicago Now but the relatively few who have followed my blog regularly doubtless have noticed that my output has dwindled from fairly robust to a mere trickle to practically non-existent.  To a certain extent this is due to my on-going battle with esophageal cancer.  The... Read more »

Uncle Joe Meets The ME TOO Movement

It would appear that Joe Biden has run smack dab into the middle of the jaws of the Me Too Movement.  As a result,  a touch-feely guy finds himself running up against the unwritten rule that one may be permitted to look but not touch a member of the opposite sex without prior consent.  Fact... Read more »

We Can't Blame President Trump's New "Roy Cohn"!

It would appear President Donald J. Trump has taken to heart the “exoneration” letter penned by his Head Consigliere, er,  Attorney General William P. Barr.  Yes, he’s convinced  himself that he’s been given a clean bill of legal health and thus is free to wreak his vengeance on all his real and perceived enemies.  How... Read more »

True Believers Versus Effective Moderates

There was a 16th century French theologian named Sebastian Castellio.  His reputation paled in comparison with such giants in the field as Martin Luther, John Calvin, or Thomas Cranmer.  But he stands out to me because he can truly be described as the Apostle of Religious Tolerance.  He believed that the way to true salvation... Read more »

Trump ISN'T Umimpeachable!!

Let’s face facts.  Donald Trump must be impeached and the halls of government swept clean.  He has doubtless done MORE than merely evaded his federal income tax.  I can’t imagine there’s any question but that he conspired with the Russian Federation to cheat his way into the White House.  He’s been an unfaithful husband, an... Read more »

Face It! The White Sox ARE Cheap!!!

Once again another top quality free agent slipped through the White Sox hands as Bryce Harper decided his future lay with the Philadelphia Phillies.  Sox fans have reacted badly to this news, just as they reacted badly to the news that Manny Machado would be a San Diego Padre.  Losing out on top-of-the-line free agents... Read more »