I Love A Parade....Of Democrats!!!

As we rather gingerly approach the 2020 Presidential election, it appears we will be treated to a torrent of Democrats ready, willing is not necessarily able to take on President Trump in single combat.  Everyone from Joe Biden to Beto O'Rourke, from Bernie Sanders to Kamala Harris have been mentioned by the requisite number of pundits and commentators to the point that the Democrats may run as many as two dozen viable candidates for the 2020 their Presidential nomination.

The last time there was such a floodtide of candidates seeking a major party's Presidential nomination was 2016 when the Republican Party presented us with a plethora of potential nominees, so much so that Republican Presidential debates looked like a bunch of clowns emerging from a tiny clown car. And we all know how THAT one turned out, much to many of our regrets.  So, will the Democrats "treat" us to the same kind of circus the Republicans gave us or will the Dems trot out a menagerie of earnest progressives, each one trying to look and sound more earnest and more progressive than the next?  Who knows?

If the initial polls count for anything, and why should they, the three leading candidates for the Democratic Party's Presidential nomination are Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders and Beto O'Rourke, three white guys, one middle aged and two gerontologically challenged.  So that leaves us with this question.  Will the Democrats go back to their tried and true formula for choosing a candidate for President by  dragging out yet another inoffensive moderate to take on Donald the Great or will they go where Democrats in the past have feared to tread and nominate a true leftist who genuinely reflects the heart and soul of the Democratic Party?  I confess I have no idea.  And as I have said so often, I don't do predictions.  But it is fun to contemplate the field and come to some reasonable conclusions.

I've never tried to hide my high regard for Joe Biden.  I don't think the Democrats could find a more qualified candidate for President.  But in Biden's case, there's one thing you can't argue with and that's the numbers, namely the number 1942.  That's the year Joe Biden was born.  Now the idea that a candidate for President of the United States ought to have a boatload of experience makes perfectly good sense and Joe Biden have more government experience than anyone in American presidential politics today.  But we are still left with this nagging question, "Do we really want to put a 78 year old man in the Oval Office?  I just turned 70 last month and it's all I can do to get up at five in the morning to help get my wife to work.  Facing the challenges that come across a President's desk at the age of 78 is simply mind-b0ggling.  So that would seem to eliminate Joe Biden from consideration for the Democratic Party's Presidential nomination.  And not just Joe Biden but Bernie Sanders too as Bernie is a year older than Vice President Biden.

So that would seem to put Beto O'Rourke in the driver's seat for 2020.  Or does it?  Should the Democrats choose a candidate for President who couldn't win a Senate election in his home state?  More to the point, while Rep. O'Rourke's resume is every bit as impressive as Barack Obama's at this stage of the campaign, does that mean he has the requisite experience to be a good President?  Or do we want to have another President in the White House who requires on the job training?  One would hope the Democrats could do better than nominating a three term congressman for President, but if we eliminate Beto from consideration, then which Democrat should be chosen to take on the weakened but still formidable Donald Trump?

And thus the American voting public is faced with this dilemma.  Do we choose a President whose instability and lack of proper temperament should eliminate him from consideration for another term or do we opt for the eventual choice of a political party that is seeking a nominee for President who can adequately reflect its own heart and soul, whatever that may be?  From where I sit that's forcing us to choose between a rock and a hard place.  But if Donald Trump represents the rock then I'm inclined to vote for the hard place!

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  • The main issue with Biden is that if he didn't want to do it at 74, it's unlikely the drive is there at 78.

    This also changes from 2016 in that the superdelegates supposedly no longer have the power to choose the eventual loser.

    However, I know one group who'll put on their Depends if Kamala Harris is the 46th President. Chef's food will go in one end and immediately out the other.

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