"The Election Is Rigged!"

One of the early mantras of the Trump campaign in 2016 was that the Presidential election was rigged in favor of Hillary Clinton, that literally millions of unqualified voters were storming the polls to clinch the election for "Crooked Hillary".  Our paranoid President even went so far as to set up a post-election commission to dig into the issue, looking under every rock, blade of grass and the odd toadstool to find evidence of such corruption.  Were there millions of cases of voter fraud unearthed by this erstwhile investigation?  Of course not!

So then, the question remains, are our elections on the up and up?  Are there millions of non-citizens out there who are being allowed to freely vote in our elections?  Is American democracy pretty much a sham and a fraud?  More to the point, what exactly can we do about it, if anything?  Does the scamming of American democracy favor only one political party?  And if so, how can this party possibly lose an election?

Illegal voters have become the favored bete noir of the Political Right.  So one can understand why THEIR shorts are twisted in a knot.  But not to fear, the Political Left feels it has a grievance too, namely voter suppression.  This is the exact opposite of the Political Right's nightmare.  This time the worry isn't about ineligible people casting illegal ballots, no this time it's about eligible people either not being allowed to vote or not having their votes counted properly.

Are both sides of the political coin being more than just a bit paranoid or are there legitimate complaints on both sides of the issue and, if so, what can be done about it?  I believe both sides raise legitimate questions about the viability of American democracy, although perhaps the Political Left MAY have a more pressing grievance about voter suppression.  As to what can be done about voting irregularities, I believe there's an easy if somewhat controversial solution to the whole mess.  What we need in this country are basic minimal standards for every election district, applied uniformly throughout the entire country.  Such a solution raises a good many questions, questions that require something we don't see to often in politics today, common sense

The first element all parties have concede is true is that every American citizen has the right to vote.  And it should be pointed out that the operative key word here is CITIZEN!  No one wants to see a hoard of illegitimate voters intruding themselves into our electoral process.  I question whether such hoards actually exist, but if they do, then it is clear that this practice MUST come to an end and NOW!

While it's true that no ineligible voter should be allowed to vote, it is equally appalling when artificial impediments are placed in the way of legitimate voters.  More particularly, no one specific individual group ought to be singled out for special treatment.  Every legitimate American citizen has the right to vote.  Too many of our fallen heroes have bled and died to give them that privilege.  Not only does every American citizen have the right to vote, they ought to have the expectation that those votes will be counted fairly and completely.

So, how do we achieve such a lofty goal? There really is only one way and that's to take the politicians out of the voting business.  To have one political party or the other oversee the process of determining who is eligible to vote, how those votes are cast, and how those votes are counted is too much like putting the fox in charge of hen house security.  What we need is a non-partisan commission of some sort that is in charge of the entire electoral process throughout the United States.  This encompasses voter eligibility, vote counting and yes, political redistricting and the census process.  We have to have faith in the legitimacy of the electoral process if democracy is to work at any level of effectiveness.

In that sense I cast aspersions on the present electoral system in this country.  I no more trust a Democrat to count the votes than I trust Republicans to determine what constitutes a legitimate voter.  There must be a  non-partisan, completely objective and totally uniform method to handle elections, period!  Anything less would be a continuation of the present hodge-podge of an electoral system that we have right now.

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  • 1. There's no such thing as a nonpartisan commission. Maybe a bipartisan one, but how much luck has anyone had in getting a bipartisan reapportionment commission in Illinois after Lincoln's Hat fell apart?
    2. Congress, if it could get its act together, which it appears it cannot, could pass one for federal elections. But the 10th Amendment prevents it from affecting state elections, as illustrated by Illinois's view that motor voter didn't apply to state elections.
    3. HAVA was supposed to clean up the mess in southeastern FL. So where do we have a mess again---SE FL. And to get back to your last post on federalizing election law, who is tweeting to stop the FL recount even though it is mandated by FL law---the same orange pustule in the White House.

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