Republicans Face A TAXING Dilemma!

As they were poised on the brink of passing their massive tax cut package, Republican political leaders thought it would immunize them against the prospect of a big mid-term defeat.  After all, who in their right mind would be against a huge tax cut?  Interestingly enough, LOTS of people are against the tax cut the Republicans foisted off on us at the beginning of this year.  So what's going on, have we all gone mad?

It's a fact of tax-cutting life that every tax bill has winners and losers.  The winners all go home with a fistful of cash and nothing but praise for their benefactors.  The losers?  Sometimes the losers aren't even aware they lost.  But not THIS time.  This time the winners won too big and the losers got virtually nothing.  So who won this time?  Major corporations and the incredibly rich.  Who lost?  Pretty much everyone else!  The winners won because the tax bill was written by THEIR tax experts.  The losers lost because nobody in the majority in Congress this time around gave two cents about the average citizen.  The Republican fat cats made it crystal clear if they didn't get what they wanted in a tax cut package, the campaign funds fountain would be turned off.  THAT got them a lot of attention.

Oh, there are some tiny morsels Mitch McConnell and his gang of cutthroats tossed at us.  But our morsels are tiny and even worse, they're temporary.  In time, all OUR tax cuts will disappear leaving us with higher taxes and bigger deficits.  Unfortunately for Republicans, the news media did a good job of explaining what was in the tax bill this go-round and thus Republicans can't duck behind a big and confusing tax cut bill to protect them from the average voter's wrath.  Any wonder why Republicans are afraid of being swept away by a big blue wave of angry tax payers?

This issue isn't taxes, per se.  The issue is fairness.  The winners are the top one percent of the financial pyramid.  They get over eighty percent of the total benefits in this tax bill.  The rest of us ninety-nine percent get the rest of the crumbs.  The goodies the rich get are now permanent.  Our few crumbs are only temporary.  It is the sheer lack of fairness in this tax cut bill that has riled up even the mildest mannered average citizen.

It is clear Mitch McConnell and Gang took us for suckers.  They thought we'd be so thrilled getting the moral equivalent of an extra Happy Meal in our pay checks every two weeks that we'd simply ignore the inequities in this tax package.  They counted on the idea that we'd be either too stupid or too distracted with the latest Trumpian outrage to notice that we got hornswoggled this time, or that we'd be so beguiled at the incredible "generosity" of our Republican brethren that we'd march off to the polls and vote Republican like so many lemmings.  Well, it appears they were wrong this time!

We Americans aren't a vindictive people.  We aren't horribly jealous of the wealth and good fortune of others.  So a reasonable tax cut for the job creators among us wouldn't have set off the alarm bells in our brains.  But the key word, of course, is reasonable.    Republicans thought we were so enthralled with the antics of the weirdly coiffed goof ball in the White House that they could slip a fast one past us.  They were wrong.  It isn't the size or the timing of the tax cut that bothers the average American voter.  It's the sheer lack of fairness to it.  I don't mind rewarding a major jobs creator, but I don't want to see the federal deficit blow up and my tax situation get worse over time in order to do it.

The dilemma the Republicans face is how to placate an evermore greedy group of benefactors without alienating the rest of us average citizens.  The disparity between the very rich and everyone else in this country is growing by leaps and bounds.  Us ordinary folk are feeling the economic pressures that disparity brings into our lives more and more every day, while the wealthy among are getting more and more secure in their riches and privilege.  This strategy may work over the short term, but over time the pressure is going to build up and get ready to explode.  Let's hope we get a major such blast on November 6th.   You know, ELECTION DAY!!

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  • Roskam said the tax cut should sell, and can't understand why it doesn't. The simplest answer seems to be that there aren't that many billionaires like Pritzker and Rauner (both of whom earned and paid about the same). Of course there are guys like the orangutan and chef who don't pay taxes. But the issue to them is the Honduran army marching toward the border.But the policy seems to work. There are more people at Micky D's who can speak English.

    The more interesting issue is while Dem. candidates are pushing health care, the only thing the Rep. candidates push is anti. While at the fitness center, is saw some ad on TV in big letters GOVERNMENT TAKE OVER OF HEALTH CARE and similar things, to which my response was "what's so bad about that?"

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