Politics Minus Government Equals Trump Reality TV

Donald Trump and His Traveling Presidential Circus are on tour once again. All across the country there have been massive rallies in celebration of the Madness that is Trump.  And that's fine.  It is the President's privilege and prerogative to speak out where and when he chooses.  It's in the Constitution, somewhat near the emoluments clause.  From my point of view, no matter how outrageous or disgusting his rhetoric gets, he has the right to sink to whatever depths he chooses.  And after all, it's just politics and we all know politics can make for strangely disgusting bedfellows.  Now if all this ballyhoo was merely a small part of the Trump Traveling Salvation Show all would be fine as far as I'm concerned.  Alas, it's the politics that's  the only functioning component of Trump's Presidency!

Politics is a matter of style.   Trump does what he does because it works for him.  And why not?  It's damned entertaining.  The sheer audacity of Trump's approach to politics boggles the mind.  It is low down and mean spirited and that's why we love it so much, I suspect. We wanted a non-politician for President and what kind of politician goes around insulting everyone he sees?  It is the embodiment of a perverse spirit of antagonism that seems to be embracing our culture lately.  It's not my particular cup of tea but it's working for Trump and if it ain't busted don't fix it I always say!

But politics without government is nothing but show business and frankly we already have enough comedians on the air, we don't need a Comedian-in-Chief!  And what is the present state of government?  Not good!  Economic policy?  Right now our only economic policy seems to be cutting rich people's taxes, which is all right as far as it goes, but does it go far enough to help out the poor and middle class?  Or will it simply leave this country with an exploding federal deficit,  massive federal debt, and the prospects for MUCH HIGHER interest rates far into the future?

Part of the President's circus tent is immigration policy.  Well, there really isn't a policy as much as there is spreading false rumors about the imminent danger of (GASP!) foreigners coming into the good old US of A. If you're looking for policy solutions, how about an imaginary wall that will never be built?  Apart from that, your guess is as good as mine.  But the immigrants deep coming and the problem keeps growing and all the President can do is turn purple with outrage!

The list goes on and on.  Judicial reform?  Tax reform?  Infrastructure construction.  There are so many things that need to be done.  Without a solid government platform laid out to show us where to go and how to get there Trump's Political Circus will look nothing more than an amateur hour.  We see our President acting like a goof.  Now goofiness IS entertaining.  But what do we do when the goofiness stops working for us?

President Trump in many ways reminds me of Oakland.  As Gertrude Stein described it, there's no there there and there is nothing to this President as WELL.  One day, out of the blue, he just decided he wanted to be President of the United States.  He has a vague outline of what he'd like to accomplish, but that outline was printed on a paper napkin.  He wanted to hear Pomp and Circumstance played when he entered a room with the emphasis on the POMP!  But, when it came to leading the country, Trump was entirely lost.  Still is!

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  • There is a government, but maybe what there isn't is a platform. The one place where I can agree with you is that tax cuts for the rich didn't garner enough votes, so now the huckster is promising a 10% cut for the middle class, although there is no plan.

    Some say that der Bund that goes to these rallies isn't even interested in the congressional candidates the phony purports to support.

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