Trump's Denials Lack CONVICT-ion!

From the very moment that the aroma of suspicion descended on the Trump Presidential campaign, we have been treated to a steady chorus of NOT ME from the White House and Republican environs.  Every new accusation results in the same old song.  Why?  It would appear that Trump World subscribes to the theory that wishing makes it so.  Believe me, would that this were true!

I have cancer of the esophagus which has spread to my stomach.  Guess what?  No matter how many times I insist there's nothing wrong with me, that cancer will continue to grow, eating away at my insides until I die.  The fact that I may live in the state of denial doesn't obviate the reality of my situation.  Much the same thing can be said about the Trump investigation.

Is Robert Mueller conducting a witch hunt?  The President and his sycophants insist it's true.  More to the point, they insist that the very act of denial makes it so.  By contrast, Robert Mueller and his team of investigators have, by and large, remained silent, preferring that the body of their work do the talking for them.  Thus they continue digging and digging, systematically and methodically assembling real evidence that can be presented in a court of law, evidence that can be denied but can't be ignored.

That's why every indictment, every guilty plea, every conviction sends shudders up and down Trump World.  Each meticulously developed fact, every piece of readily documented evident chips away at the façade of the "castles in the sky" argument that the President and his friends have constructed.  The reason for this patent dichotomy between Robert Mueller and the Donald Trump forces is that essentially Mueller argues from the point of view of the law, which requires evidence.  Whereas Trump and company argue from the point of view of politics, which requires no documentation whatsoever.

Following the logical assertion that even paranoids have real enemies, I would be a fool not to admit that there is at least the aroma of partisanship in the way most of us view the investigation into the political machinations of Trump World.  There can be no question but that there is a real animus toward Donald Trump coming from the Political Left.  It would be difficult if not impossible to deny.  The question before the house, however, is whether the Political Left has had anything to do with the investigation of all things Trump.

So who decided we needed a Special Counsel in the first place?  Rod Rosenstein, who is the Deputy Attorney General and who was appointed to that responsible position by Donald Trump himself.  And why did it fall to the Deputy Attorney General to make such an important decision?  Because the Attorney General, one Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III had to recuse himself in such an investigation because he was either a witness to the goings-on or he was himself a target of the investigation.  So as much as the Democrats and the forces of the Political Left actually have it in for Donald Trump, they have never been in a position to instigate an investigation on their own authority.  This has placed the investigation into all things Trump in the hands of a man who has been described as a prosecutor's prosecutor, a man governed more by the rule of law than the exigencies of pure politics.

In the end, we have to ask this key question.  Would removing Donald Trump from the Presidency  do the Democrats any political good?  I contend the answer to that question is NO!  As I read the Constitution, Vice President Pence would succeed Donald Trump as President if for any reason Mr. Trump were forced out of office.  And just by observation, I don't think anyone in their right mind would describe Mike Pence as a closet liberal.  That's why the forces backing Donald Trump have to concede that even though the Political Left may hate Donald Trump's guts, it is in no position to do anything about it.  Moreover, a stalwart, life-long Republican has been in charge of the investigation from the very beginning and that Robert Mueller has no bones to pick with Donald Trump politically.

While Republicans can fulminate over the politics of the matter, what ultimately happens to Donald Trump and his administration will depend upon the rule of law.  Which is as it SHOULD be!

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  • The real problem remains the psycho tweeter in charge, who, like most mobsters, has lawyered up with PR deflecting lawyers, who aren't there to display their legal expertise, but to fool those Abe Lincoln or PT Barnum said could be fooled. No different than Sam Adam Jr. saying that Blago didn't do anything until he was no longer paid, Brodsky saying Drew Peterson didn't do anything until they had a falling out, or, more recently, that there will be civil discord if Van Dyke is tried within 150 miles of Cook County or Lincoln Towing loses its license.

    Otherwise, I see your point only if keeping the psycho in place assures an overwhelming Democratic victory on Nov. 8; then he will have served his purpose and will be dispensible. Swearing in Pence in October would reduce that pressure.

    And don't doubt that he is delusional (or his backers are). He tweeted thanks to Manafort for not flipping after Manafort said he would cooperate and filed a plea agreement.

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