President Trump: "Mr. Sensitivity"!

For most of this week Donald Trump was praised for his restraint with regard to the accusations leveled against his hand-picked choice for the Supreme Court, Brett Kavanaugh.  Most news reporters following the story were amazed that the President could keep himself from blurting out something stupid and ill-advised.  And then the other shoe dropped!

In a tweet this morning, the President laid into Christine Blasey Ford and her parents.  He wondered out loud why a police report of the incident hadn't been filed, suggesting that in the absence of a formal complaint, that the sexual assault did not take place.

I do not wish to pose as some kind of mental health professional, which is something I'm decidedly not.  Moreover, I won't take the position that I understand what it's like to be a fifteen year old woman who has just been sexually assaulted and who fled the scene of the incident in fear for her life.  But it seems to me that the President expected a vulnerable girl who had been subjected to an irrational assault to act rationally.  Apparently the President has never experienced a traumatic event in his life because believe me you don't act rationally after a devastating experience.

At the risk of being accused of resorting to the use of false equivalency, I shall attempt to draw a parallel between the Ford/Kavanaugh incident and one of my life experiences.  A little over two years ago I was involved in an automobile accident.  It was a head-on collision forceful enough to crack the engine block of my car.  My air bag deployed and I was definitely shaken up.  The police were dispatched to the scene along with the EMTs.  Before the police started to question me and the other driver one of the EMTs asked me if I wanted to be taken to the hospital to be checked out.  At that moment I wasn't feeling all that bad and so I declined the offer.

Once the police were finished questioning us, the same EMT approached me again and asked it I wanted to go to the hospital.  By this time I had calmed down a bit and frankly was feeling a little achy.  So I said yes.  While in the emergency room, I almost passed out.  It seems I was bleeding internally.  The emergency room doctor immediately swung into action, placed a draining tube in my side and arranged for me to be transported to a Class I Trauma Center.  Fortunately, I pulled through without a hitch.

The point is that while traumatized from the effects of the auto accident, I made an essentially irrational decision.  Now I won't equate my situation with that of Christine Blasey Ford.  But it is clear that she was massively traumatized by what happened at that party.  Under the circumstances, it is the height of insensitivity to have expected her to act rationally and call the police to file a criminal report.

The fact that the President is calling her out for failure to do so only demonstrates that he has no sense of empathy for the suffering of others.  This can hardly be classified as a surprise.  Consider how self-involved the man is.  Everything must center around HIM!  I believe this lack of empathy limits his ability to act as President.  I know there were times when I'd roll my eyes when Bill Clinton pronounced that he "felt our pain".  But nevertheless, ultimately there was something very comforting in knowing that the person in charge of things could relate to the difficulties of his fellow citizens.  If nothing else, it assured us that the President of the United States knew what our problems were and was motivated to do something about them.  With President Trump this is a total impossibility.  It doesn't mean he still can't function as President.  It's just that you get the feeling he doesn't care enough about our problems to do anything about them.  This is a fatal flaw in a President and proof positive that he's not up to the job!

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  • Captain Bone Spurs says what he says to influence the easily persuadable without regard for fact, reason or sensibility. He's preaching to his choir, as are we all.

    They believe what they want to believe, just like the parents of all those little boys who were molested by their priests...also good Catholics.

  • The Orange One admits that if you are rich enough the women let you do it, so I don't know why you expected anything different here.

    Only thing different is that he doesn't have Michael Cohen to pay her off.

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