Brett Kavanaugh And Legal Male Superiority!

If there is any wonder why Republicans are increasingly losing favor, the action of the Senate Judiciary Committee Republicans in appointing a woman to grill Christine Blasey Ford is a solid indication.  What committee Republicans are saying is that they don't trust themselves to question Dr. Ford respectfully.  What really terrifies them is that they would end up looking like a bunch of bullies out to besmirch a woman who stands in the way of their taking over the Supreme Court.

To be entirely honest about it, they have good reason to be afraid.  It's been twenty-seven years since the Anita Hill debacle and Republicans still haven't learned a thing.  They are still operating from the premise that a victim of a sexual assault is either lying to get attention or that she was asking for it in the first place.  They can't help themselves.  That's just how these eleven middle aged and older white males feel about women.

Don't get me wrong, all the Republican members of the Senate Judiciary Committee are Brett Kavanaugh.  Their attitude is , there but for the grace of God go I.  What amazes me is that anyone with half a mind didn't grasp this salient point right from the beginning.  While society has evolved at least somewhat in its attitude toward women over the last twenty-seven years, Republicans, dominated as they are by aging white men, still see women in terms more consistent with 1958 and not 2018.

That's why Republicans have a gender gap. They don't know how to act toward today's woman.  For instance, they scratch their heads in amazement when women bristle at being complimented on their appearance.  It's not that women don't appreciate the compliment, it's just that they want to be respected for who they are and what they've achieved, not for something that fell into their laps through an accident of birth.

Republican politicians struggle with independent, intelligent women because they can't quite accept the fact that women are just as capable as men, if not more so.  They can't accept the fact that women now compete successfully with men across a wide array of professions and that as a result they demand that they be treated with the respect they deserve, that at the very least they be granted equal status with men as the Constitution dictates.

Ah, the Constitution.  The final battleground for equality.  The Constitution dictates that all of our citizens be treated equally under the law.  Logically, this would mean equal pay for equal work.  But conservatives like Antonin Scalia have acted as a road block to real legal equality for women.  The mere fact that there is a gender disparity between men and women in the workplace isn't enough for our originalist brethren, oh no!  Wage disparity isn't enough proof that women are treated unjustly in the workplace.  No the Court has consistently ruled that over and above wage discrimination, a plaintiff must prove actual discriminatory intent before it will deign to interfere with the workings of the market place.

That's where Brett Kavanaugh fits it.  That's the role Donald Trump, Chuck Grassley, Orrin Hatch and all the other Republican Judiciary Committee members have laid out for him.  They want the Supreme Court to act as the last bastion of male superiority.  The reason they feel the need to figuratively CRUSH Christine Blasey Ford is that she represents a roadblock to their plan to legitimize male legal superiority through judicial fiat.  The reason they've hire a woman to do their dirty work is that the one thing they DON'T want to see happen is that the rest of us catch them at what they're up to!

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