Would You Buy A Used Car From Omarosa?

When I first started writing this blog, my idea was to show that it was possible to discuss politics and public policy rationally.  The blog was supposed to be an oasis of reason in a sea of crazed shouting and screaming.  But over the two or so years I've been writing this magnum opus, we've elected Donald Trump President and we're getting to know more about Omarosa Manigault Newman than anyone has a right to know.  Under the circumstances, it's hard to be reasonable.  Heck, it's even hard to "sound" reasonable.

Much has been said about Omarosa.  And, as bad as she sounds, as bad as she's been described I can't bring myself to cast aspersions on her relationship with the truth.  I can't even bring myself to criticize her ever increasing role as Donald Trump's public scold.  Is she a publicity junkie?  Without question!  Has she forced herself onto our collective consciousness?  Can there be any doubt?  Would it be reasonable to describe Omarosa as the ultimate opportunist?  Undoubtedly!  And why wouldn't she be?  After all, she learned everything she knows about opportunism from the master, one Donald J. Trump.  So it would be difficult to characterize her as an inveterate liar.

Yes, Omarosa Manigault Newman had a high level, high-paying White House job that she most likely didn't deserve.  She may have begged and pleaded with President Trump for the opportunity to "serve" her country.  But it was Donald Trump who thrust Omarosa onto the public payroll.  And if we can believe one of the President's tweets, she got her position in the White House because she said nice things about him.  I also suspect that the most important part of her duties and responsibilities as a Presidential assistant was as a symbol, proof positive that there definitely was diversity in the Trump Administration.  From that perspective, she served a useful purpose.

Of course, what we're faced with right now is a question of her credibility.She has launched a number of serious accusations against the President.  Why should we believe her?  Why believe an opportunistic former employee who has never been a paragon of veracity?  She was fired from her job as liaison to the African American community and rather than disappear into the mists of history Omarosa decided to write a "tell all" book that purports to tell the REAL truth about Donald Trump, his presidential campaign, and his term of office as President of the United States,  or at least what she is supposed to know about it.

We have been told she was fired for cause, that she was not the easiest person in the world to get along with.  Hardly the kind of skill set one would expect from a woman whose major responsibility was to act as a liaison.  The very fact that she set out to write a tell all book about her experiences with the President has to tell us something, namely that she is DEFINITELY an opportunist of the highest order.  So why should we believe her?  How can we match her credibility against that of the President of the United States?

Fact is, Donald Trump ain't no George Washington.  The Washington Post undertook to count up the number of lies and misstatements he's made in the eighteen months he's been President and that number is in the thousands and still climbing.  More to the point, Ms. Newman had the foresight to tape a great many of her conversations within the White House.  Now that is undoubtedly a sneaky and underhanded thing to do.  But it does give her many accusations at least a hint of plausibility, and how does that stack up against the veracity of a serial liar?

When the history of the Trump Administration is written, Omarosa Manigault Newman may very well prove to be the catalyst for this President's ultimate downfall.  She may also turn out to have been one of the most accomplished liars on the face of the earth.  History will be the ultimate judge.  But thus far, Omarosa has provided us with taped testimony that seems to indicate she is at least telling a part of the truth.  Would we buy a used car from this woman?  On the basis of present indications, the answer probably should be a tentative YES.  However, before we buy that used care from her, it would be prudent of us to have an expert mechanic look over the automobile first!


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  • Just because she's a used car salesperson, doesn't mean there aren't some reliable cars on her lot.

  • I don't buy used cars. I didn't even buy a new car from a guy who before sending a quote said "of course you want mats."

    Personally, I don't care about her veracity. But I note several things:

    1. This was not some leaker from the Obama deep state. As you noted, she is part of the clown show the current occupant brought with him. The only thing he didn't figure is that she would punk Gen. Kelly.

    2. It is not explained why Lara Trump offered to pay her for a post facto make work job with a nondisclosure agreement, and whether she was subject to any other NDA, but this Fifth Ave. Mafia sure must be hiding a lot.

    3. Michael Cohen was recording, too, but the mad tweeter did not call him a dog, which gets back to your racist code word point.

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