Hey Mr. President, The Mueller Team CAUGHT The Witches!!

As we await what is likely to be a disastrous summit between Puppet President Trump and Geppetto Putin, it's become apparent that our pliant President's "rigged witch hunt" has actually netted a dozen or so Russian witches, or should we say warlocks?  No matter!   What really counts is that the mystery hackers from the 2016 election were intelligence officers from the Russian general staff, the GRU.  Sorry there Mr. President, the culprit didn't turn out to be China or some four hundred pound naked guy sitting on a bed in his parents' house.

Of course, the REAL news is that these erstwhile gentlemen set about hacking into computers hither and yon at the behest of one Vladimir Putin, the President of the Russian Federation.  It must give us a renewed sense of confidence in the outcome of tomorrow's summit to know that the man responsible for rigging our last election will be negotiating with the moron he successfully elected President of the United States.  I hope Sarah Palin and her fellow Alaskans are learning Russian because with the Donald in there palavering with good old Vlad that may be the language of choice in Fairbanks from now on!

Amidst all my overwhelming optimism, I still find it hard to believe that so many of the hard core Trump supporters remain steadfastly in the Donald's fan club.  While I most assuredly question Donald Trump's ultimate loyalty to this country, I don't doubt for a minute the patriotism of virtually every one of his fans.  Whatever you may think of their politics or the policies they support, Trump supporters LOVE their country.  Nevertheless, in spite of  overwhelming evidence that links their hero and his presidential campaign to Russia, the Trumpistas of the world can't bring themselves to accept what has been done TO their country.

The reason I find this difficult to believe is that it's so far removed from anything that I've experienced before.  This is hardly the first scandal to touch a Republican President.  Richard Nixon had his Watergate.  Ronald Reagan had his IranContra.  George W. Bush had his illusory weapons of mass destruction.  In the midst of each of these scandals, each of these Presidents were strongly defended by their supporters.  But as the investigation into the details of the scandals went forward and concrete evidence was produced implicating these administrations, nobody was shouting "fake news" or "rigged witch hunt", neither these Presidents or their supporters.  Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush faced up to their responsibility and faced the music like the men they were.  More to the point, their supporters accepted the validity of the evidence presented against them even though it must have been difficult for them.

The fact that Donald Trump has acted like an irresponsible adolescent during the entirety of the Russia scandal should hardly come as a surprise.  After all, it's truly difficult for a spoiled brat to give up the learned behavior of a lifetime.  What IS shocking is that so many sincere American patriots are holding on to an irrational denial of the reality of Trump collusion with Vladimir Putin and the Russian state.  It's more than mildly disconcerting!

Sure, as a liberal Democrat it shouldn't come as a surprise that I'm prepared to accept WHATEVER bad news is presented about Donald Trump.  Just as it was never shocking to note that our present day Trump supporters were more than willing to believe the worst about Barack Obama and HIS administration.  I can understand this reluctance because most of what we know about the collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russians has come from the mainstream news media and the mainstream media has hardly been entirely objective when it comes to Donald Trump.  But with a life-long Republican like Robert Mueller heading the official investigation, and with the unearthing of conclusive evidence indicating a connection between the Trump campaign and Putin's attack on our democracy, I expected to hear something more than abject denials out of the Trump camp.

I can also understand such reluctance because, after all, if the allegations against Donald Trump and his campaign apparatus are true, that says a lot about the judgment of the Trump supporters.  But living in a persistent state of denial when our democratic institutions are under attack from a hostile foreign power is the surest way to put our very freedom in danger.  So wake up Trumpistas.  We CAUGHT the witches.  The hunt is over.  Time to mete out punishment to the guilty.

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  • This is all great fodder for the talking heads, but it means nothing.

    The basket of deplorables don't even know about it (it's not on Fox) and if they do hear about it, they won't believe it.

    In any case, no matter what indictments follow, the House GOP will do NOTHING. They are complicit, they are now co-conspirators and accessories after the fact.

    And that's the way they like it, uh-huh.

  • In reply to Bob Abrams:

    There's a Washington Post article in today's Tribune that the Republican congressional candidates in the Trump Midwest (and even the Pence IL-6th) are in big trouble.

    However, I also remember when the Huff Post said that there was a 96% chance that Hillary Clinton would be President.

  • "Time to mete out punishment to the guilty."

    As I mentioned, these witches are extradition proof. We don't even try to get the "political hostage" in the Ecuadorian embassy charged with anything.

    The real question is when Don Jr., who held all those discussions about "nothing" with various Russian agents, gets indicted.

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