Trump Was ALWAYS A Crook!

As I look back on the tsunami of corruption stories coming out about the Trump Administration, I'm struck by the general impression these stories leave with us.  One might be tempted to think that Donald Trump's association with the dark side of the law was something that began on Inauguration Day or at the very least on the day he announced his candidacy for President.  And this is most unfortunate.  It's unfortunate because Donald Trump has ALWAYS been a crook.

The Mainstream Media has rather kindly omitted a large portion of the President's less than honest past.  I've always found this rather curious.  The media had no problem digging into Bill Clinton's past somewhat shady financial dealings during the Whitewater scandal.  George W. Bush's rather disreputable tenure with the Texas Air National Guard certainly wasn't covered under the rug by Dan Rather and CBS.  Barack Obama's association with Bill Ayers or Tony Rezko certainly didn't escape media attention.

Yet somehow the Mainstream Media has shown great reluctance in shedding light on Donald Trump's less than honest business record.  I've always gotten the impression that the reason for this slight omission has something to do with Mr. Trump's extremely litigious past.  I get the feeling that various members of the press quite literally shake in their boots at the prospect of being sued for libel, slander, defamation of character or intentional infliction of emotional distress.

Why should stories that go back as far as fifty years have any meaning or relevance today?  Think about it.  Perhaps the major reason many people voted for Donald Trump as President was his reputation as a good business man.  The presumption was that his past success in business was somehow a harbinger of the kind of things  he could accomplish as President.  That being the case, wouldn't it make a lot of sense for the Mainstream Media to examine the factors that contributed to that success in the first place?

Yet, from the very beginning, Donald Trump's business practices have left something to be desired.  In the 1960's, the U.S. Department of Justice cited his real estate business for the notorious practice of block busting in order to maintain racial segregation in the apartments the Trump family business owned.

When Donald Trump looked for skilled workmen to renovate what was to become the Trump Tower, did he go to the various trade unions to hire American workers?  Absolutely  not!  Then he would have been forced to pay union scale and provide benefits.  No, Mr. Trump turned to undocumented immigrants from Poland to do the work.  Worse still, when they had finished their labors, Donald Trump stiffed them.

Donald Trump has worked closely with high-ranking members of the New York organized crime scene, especially those who controlled various locals in the building trades unions.  As a result, although many of his rivals in the building construction business ran into serious labor disputes with these self same locals, Donald Trump experienced no such difficulty at all.

Donald Trump has had a long and close association with Russian mobster Felix Seder.  We know that Mr. Seder has strong financial ties with a great many Russian oligarchs.  It is not beyond the realm of the possible that Donald Trump's Russian connections had their beginnings due to the efforts of Felix Seder on Donald Trump's behalf.

Yet when you hear  reports about Donald Trump's shady dealings, you get the impression that they only first began when Donald Trump descended down the escalator at Trump Tower in June of 2015.  Not so.  A pattern of crooked behavior has been the hallmark of the Trump Organization's business practices.  Robert Mueller may be looking at Donald Trump's Russian connections.  Might it be possible that these connections go back as far as the 1970's?  And if so, doesn't this establish a pattern of something more than mere collusion but rather criminal conspiracy?

The point is that our Mainstream Media have allowed Donald Trump to hide behind a veil of secrecy.  While they were most insistent about discovering whatever dirt they could dig up on past Presidents, with Donald Trump, not so much.  It is at least conceivable that had the American voting public actually found out about Donald Trump's shady past and criminal connections, they might have voted very differently.  The fact that all too many Americans went into their polling places on November 8, 2016 essentially ignorant of Donald Trump's criminal connections might have lead them to vote for the man they THOUGHT was a successful and honest business man.  Might they have voted differently had they only known?  One would certainly hope so. But we'll never know for sure and we have the Mainstream Media to thank for it!!

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  • Most of that stuff was out before the election at least. In addition, it was well known that he used bankruptcy to stiff workers and suppliers (it came out in the debates, no less).

    The point isn't the mainstream media, but that the Bannons and Chefs got exactly what they wanted, and would not have voted any differently.

    The only thing that might change votes is that the trade warriors like Bannon might lose their support as it comes out that the rest of the world figured out where to hit Trump voters in their pocketbooks--whiskey tariffs. But I don't think the voters in Tennessee and Kentucky really care. They're just glad some woman or Black is not President and this one is putting furriners in concentration camps.

  • Also, don't forget, his voters don't read the mainstream media--they rely on Rectumbook Fake News, the National Enquirer, and Breitbart.

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