Konzentrationslager Trump!

Whenever a politician, political pundit, editorial writer or blogger draws an analogy between some current event and Adolph Hitler's Third Reich, the long knives of criticism are bound to come out.  How can a reasonable person possibly compare Donald Trump with Adolph Hitler, for instance?  They're nothing at all alike.  And to a certain extent, that criticism is valid.  Sure Donald Trump's latest policy of warehousing children isn't some kind of apocalyptic "Final Solution" to the immigrant problem, so the Hitler analogy definitely falls flat.  Yes, there's a huge difference between Trump and Hitler as far as the child separation policy is concerned.  But the major difference lay in the matter of degree and not with the overall intent to harm.

What Hitler did and what Trump is doing were both intended to inflict pain in order to eradicate what both governments perceived as problems.  In Hitler's case we're talking about maximum, ultimate pain.  In Trump's case, the degree of suffering is obviously a lot less.  But the intent of separating children from their parents was to make the punishment involved for violating immigration laws so painful that it would keep potential refugees from Central and South America from even THINKING about approaching our borders.  The end result in both instances was the infliction of pain.

It doesn't matter what justification you use to exonerate yourself for this act of extreme cruelty.  You can cite Saint Augustine, Saint Paul, the Buddha, the Prophet or any other religious leader, you can quote from whatever religious book you care to cite, it doesn't matter, the policy will still be deliberately cruel and it will still be wrong.

Yes, I understand we're not talking about the infliction of physical pain through beatings and torture.  But imposing emotional distress can sometimes be almost as painful.  What makes the Trump child warehousing strategy so heinous is the fact that it it deliberate and premeditated.  That puts it way above simply misguided or just plain stupid.  The fact is that President Trump and Attorney General Sessions wanted to send a message to anyone contemplating a pilgrimage to our southern borders.  They wanted to say in no uncertain terms, STAY AWAY!!  And to reinforce that message they wanted to convey to anyone even casually thinking about making the long trek to American ports of entry that even if they succeeded in getting here, they'd have to pay a VERY stiff penalty.

The most important thing for us to consider as a people is that this policy is totally unnecessary and can be changed at a moment's notice.  There is nothing legally mandatory about it.  It is a deliberately cruel and heartless strategy dreamed up by two men who want to stem the flow of refugees from horribly dangerous environments who simply have the temerity to look to America as a haven from such depredations, as so many other refugees have done in the past.

Yes, equating Donald Trump with Adolph Hitler is extreme, I'll admit it.  But then what's happening along our southern borders is extreme too.  And these extreme measures haven't been put into practice due to some gigantic miscalculation or some bureaucratic snafu.  The Trump Administration thought long and hard about how to maximize the pain they could inflict for the violation of our immigration laws.  They may not have fully anticipated just how cruel those images of children being stripped from their mothers' arm would appear or just how truly mean warehousing children like so many pieces of furniture truly was, but make no mistake about one thing.  Those concentration camps in Texas and elsewhere are all on Donald Trump, pure and simple.  And no amount of spin doctoring or shouting "fate news" to the high heavens can change that!



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  • There is a difference. My mother says that the Nazis kept her and her mother together to the end at Bergen Belsen, although her mother was lost and presumably died on the long march.

    Your concentration camp headline is apt, although the U.S. did similar stuff in WWII (internment of U.S. citizens of Japanese descent; turning refugee boats back).

  • Americans should have ZERO TOLERANCE for separating children from their parents.

    Contrary to what beleaguered AG Jeff Sessions said, God did NOT ordain this collection of liars and miscreants and she certainly would NOT want them to separate children from their parents, who are bringing them here to protect them from unspeakable violence.

    ZERO TOLERANCE - Step up Repugnants!!

  • In reply to Bob Abrams:

    Even Melania is reported to be against it, and for all the administration lying, Jeff Sessions is clearly behind it. Maybe Melania could tell someone in a bedroom down the hall to fire Jeff, but, like Scott Pruitt, he is faithfully carrying out administration policies.

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