The Truth Will Eventually Come Out!

Make no mistake about it, when it comes to investigating President Trump, there is definitely a very active cover-up going on.  The President and his minions in Congress are doing everything in their power to undermine the Mueller investigation, which is considerable.  And, alas, they may very well succeed, at least from an official standpoint.  This isn't due to any lapse on the part of the Special Counsel, it's just very difficult to stand up to the combined weight of the White House and the Congress.

I think it's becoming more apparent day by day that the official investigation into the events of the election of 2016 may be curtailed if not halted entirely.  The assumption on the part of Trump supporters everywhere is that this will mean that the whole sad story of our last federal election will just dry up, blow away, and disappear entirely.  That's where they're wrong.

Human beings are blessed with a plethora of character traits that make us truly unique.  One of these is curiosity.  Fact is, we humans just want to KNOW things.  Another of our unique character traits is persistence.  We have this tendency to keep hammering away at a project until we achieve the desired result.  That is why we love mysteries.  When we encounter something we don't know, we like to keep investigating until we do.  So what does all this have to do with President Trump and the election of 2016?  Well, no matter how deeply the story of how Donald Trump came to be elected President is buried under an avalanche of tweets, lies, spin and assorted other muck, it just won't go away!

It is becoming more and more likely that at some point President Trump will fire Attorney General Sessions and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein.  At that point, I have no doubt the their successors will be under orders to shut down the Office of Special Counsel.  Records may be destroyed.  Evidence may be buried in a cocoon of bureaucratic red tape.  Leads will be allowed to go cold.  And the whole investigation will soon be considered irrelevant by many.  But that won't end the story, not by any means.

The information will still be floating around out there somewhere, just waiting for someone curious enough and persistent enough to dig it all up and put it into some kind of logical context.  Someone like, say, a curious reporter in search of a good story and, who knows, maybe a Pulitzer Prize?

Yes, on one level this will mean that President Trump will have gotten away with stealing the 2016 Presidential Election.  But let's face facts.  He already has.  Once he took the oath of office on January 20, 2017, he had effectively usurped the office of President of the United States.  There's nothing we can do about that.  However, at some point history will judge his Administration, not so much for what it did or didn't accomplish, but for how it became a Presidential administration in the first place.  And no matter how much he tweets and no matter how fervently his supporters think otherwise, he will go down in American history as the worst, most corrupt, and vilest President EVER!

Alas, this will be cold comfort for those of us forced to live through a Trump Administration, but the reality is that the awful and disgusting nature of his Presidency will itself affect the future of American politics.  Once the full story of his rise to power meets the light of day and the American people realize the extent and degree to which they had been duped, the cyclical nature of American politics will come into play.  At some point we will be so disgusted with President Trump's tenure in office and the corrupt and dishonest way in which he governed this country, that we will feel compelled to reverse what he did and usher in the dawn of a new day for American politics, a day that will make Trump supporters gag!

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  • First of all, not all humans are curious. Our current president not only proves that point, but proves that tens of millions of Americans do not consider that a necessary quality (and probably don't have any themselves.)

    Second, there is no guarantee that Mueller's report will be made public and even if it is, the aforementioned (tens of millions-Trumpsters, by name) are past the point of being able to recognize the truth if if bored into their ears in surround sound..

  • Two observations:
    Dumb Donald Jr. keeps saying that nothing useful happened at myriad meetings at Da Tower with various Russian operatives. At some point, the truth about that has to come out. They had some reason to meet with him.
    Dan Pence said something about that the election in Venezuela was not "free or fair." I guess he has personal experience to back that up. Not much difference between Maduro and his boss.

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