Go Ahead Mr. President. Dump Mueller!!

We all suffer from the "if only" delusion at some point in our lives.  If only we'd win the lottery, if only we had made the important catch to win the "big game", if only the prettiest girl in the school would come to her senses and finally consent to give me a date, THEN all my problems would be solved.  It almost never works out that way though.  Our problems have a way of haunting us no matter where we go or what we do.  We're stuck with them.

Right about now our estimable President is probably engaging in the same kind of wish fulfillment fantasy.  If only I could make Robert S. Mueller III disappear, THEN I could be the greatest President in American history.  Well Mr. President, what's holding you back?  Get rid of that troublesome lawyer.  The Republicans in Congress won't say BOO if you did and the Democrats are nothing more than wishful thinking dreamers themselves.  So go ahead, boot Mr. Mueller's skinny little butt right out the door.

Of course, all those legal problems of yours will still be there.  Even worse, you find that the greatest irony of all is that Bob Mueller is the ONLY one who can truly exonerate you.  Oh sure, you can find a sycophantic flunky to take his place and give you a kind of mealy-mouthed "GET OUT OF JAIL FREE" card.  But nobody will buy the fact that you're truly innocent.  All our doubts and suspicions will still be there and it will be those same doubts and suspicions that will brand you as "The Nixon who got away with it!" and brand you political party as unindicted co-conspirators in your burglary of the White House.  There will always be a stain on your reputation no matter what you do to the redoubtable Mr. Mueller.

From a purely political point of view, in time, Republican yes-men and toadies will do all they can to separate themselves from your brand.  It's no coincidence that there are so few "Nixon Republicans" out there any more.  The stench of HIS Administration may have followed him to the grave, but it left its aroma on our body politic.  The same fate will befall you.  Even the hypocritical leaders of the Religious Right will come to stand in judgment of your past actions.  After all, you only get so many mulligans in this life!

Those legal problems unearthed by Mr. Mueller's team will still be there to haunt you.  And some day a Democrat will take the oath of office as President and determine that you too must face YOUR day of judgment, that only the blinding light of the truth will be able to sanitize your term of office and restore American government to its rightful place in the hearts and minds of its citizens.

Worse yet, consider all those people you will drag down with you; your marriage, your  family, your friends and allies and all those poor saps who put their trust in you.  It may be lonely at the top Mr. President, but I think you'll find that it's even lonelier at the bottom.

So go ahead Mr. President.  FIRE BOB MUELLER!  Throw in Rod Rosenstein and Christopher Frye too for that matter. And all your other tormentors, real or imagined.  Thing is, those tormentors will only be replaced by others.  And THEY will act with righteous indignation and malice beforehand.  They will ride you down and grind you into the dust.  You can either take you punishment like a man NOW, or you can slink off into a much more ignominious future.  The choice is all yours.  Just remember that wish fulfillment can be a dangerous thing, even for someone as rich and powerful as yourself!



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  • I don't think he wants to be impeached .... quite yet.

    However, you forgot another Nixon era analogy: PENCE FOR PRESIDENT IN 2018!!! pardons him. Doubt that Pence pardons Cohen, though.

  • You're overlooking quite a few factors:
    1. Trumpsters think the Russia thing is a hoax and will vote for Trump in 2020, given the chance
    2. There will be no repercussions if Trump fires Rosenstein and Mueller. The House Repugs will do exactly as they have been doing since Nov 9, 2016: NOTHING
    3. For almost 3 years we've been going "Oooh, now he's done" but he's not done. We just keep normalizing his behavior.
    4. He thinks he can get most people to think whatever he wants them to think and he seems to be right.

  • In reply to Bob Abrams:

    4: "think" seems a rather strange word for what is going on.

  • And we find out that one of the biggest "dump Mueller" advocates is Client #3.

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