Trump's The "Because I Can!" President

There's no great mystery to our Chaos President.  He was born into a world of privilege where you didn't have to get permission to do something, you just DID it!  When you combine that with a completely self-centered personality, chaos is sure to follow.  What we have to steel ourselves for is the unfortunate reality that this is NEVER going to change.  71 year old men rarely experience a life-changing epiphany.

Unlike most politicians, Trump never tried to disguise his true self.  More to the point, we as a voting public never demanded that he do so.  In fact, we reveled in his lack of tact and bad taste.  We were a country yearning for a non-politician to be President and who could be more unpolitical than Donald Trump?  We weren't sold a bill of goods, we bought one.  Many of us may be suffering from buyer's remorse, but unfortunately our political system doesn't make allowances for "Lemon Laws".  There's no constitutional provision for a recall election.  The only way we can get rid of President Chaos is to impeach him and that won't happen any time soon.

In retrospect, we may be critical about the way he does business, but this is the way he's always done business.  Upset about his blatant racism?  So was the Justice Department in the 1970's when it cited his real estate firm for engaging in racially-tinged red-lining.  We can feel uncomfortable with the fact that he likes to hobnob with Russian crime bosses, but then he's dealt with American crime kingpins from the day he built the first Trump Tower.  We can express our disapproval over his affair with a porn star, but is seems to me that Stormy Daniels is nothing more than Marla Maples with less class.

From the moment Donald Trump clinched the Republican Party's Presidential nomination in May of 2016, conventional wisdom told us that he would change, that he would pivot from being the candidate of the lunatic fringe to being the kind of candidate with which we were more familiar.  But conventional wisdom was wrong, simply because Donald Trump is nothing if not unconventional.

Donald Trump has always acted as if he thought that he was the smartest person in the room, that the rest of the world was nothing but a bunch of suckers, people who can easily have the wool pulled over their eyes, even Vladimir Putin.  Unfortunately, this personality type can never grasp that they don't know what they don't know.  Don't get me wrong.  I'm not saying Donald Trump is dumb.  He may not be intellectually curious or well-schooled, but he is most definitely shrewd.  His problem is that his massive ego won't allow him to admit mistakes or failures.

This will have dire implications for our country, unfortunately.  There is something frighteningly serendipitous about Donald Trump's personality.  He's just sure that he's always right and incapable of making a mistake.  The problem is that when you're President of the United States, and you DO make mistakes, people die, fortunes are wiped out, and there are dire consequences all the way around.  So buckle up  your seat belts folks, it's going to be a bumpy ride!




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  • 1. As noted numerous times, a majority of the country did not buy his persona and did not vote for him. The only ones who have buyers' remorse are in areas such as Alabama and Pennsylvania. But a few Breitbart trolls got what they wanted.
    2. The other thing that is constant in his personality is that his father sent him to military school. While it didn't learn him no discipline, he at least knows not to cross Gen. Kelly, even at Jared's expense, and reportedly that if he is going to dump McMasters, not do it in an unceremonious manner, as he did Tillerson.
    3. I don't think he is trying to bluff Putin; all conduct indicates that he is subservient to the Tsar.

    Of course, the con is always the con, except he cannot always pass off the truth as fake news these days, or as the Washington Post points out, continually hide it under nondisclosure agreements, especially now that the people he is firing are not under private employment agreements (as Bannon apparently was).

  • I recall a president who spit in the eye of democracy and said he had a "pen and a phone". I must have missed your alarm at that kind of disregard for the democratic process. But he was a Lefty kind of guy, so democracy be damned and let the ends justify the means, no?

    I've said it before, and I'll say it again: who are the great Democrat hopefuls? Thumping on Trump may be therapeutic for the people who couldn't believe Hillary could have lost, but, like those who opposed Obama, harping on Obama did not a victory make in 2012. Those with Trump Derangement Syndrome should take pause to examine their mental health.

    How many times can a person post something about Trump before nobody cares or reads it anymore?

    'cept for Jack.

  • In reply to Richard Davis:

    Since you mentioned me, "Chef, " "Richard" or whoever you are:

    You seem real concerned about Dems,but say nothing in support of the current occupant in the WH who is exhibiting severe personality disorders. He's the guy your ilk put into office. And he is doing his best to assure a Dem Congress in 2019. That's the here and now.

    And since you read me you have not answered the prior question, so I will repeat it: WHY SHOULD SOMEONE PAYING BLACKMAIL BE PRESIDENT?

    He, you, and the rest of the alt right are too gutless to answer.

  • Poor Chef now being portrayed by Pig.

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