The Moscow Noose Gets Tighter!!

The indictment of thirteen Russian nationals for surreptitiously interfering in the 2016 election indicates that the Moscow noose is getting tighter and tighter around the neck of the Donald Trump Presidency. More importantly, that indictment makes it more and more difficult for Fox News and other faithful Trump mouthpieces to label the Mueller investigation as a hoax or "false news".

It is becoming clearer by the day that a conspiracy existed to elect Donald Trump President of the United States, that the interference hinted at in so many circles was no work of fiction. We are now certain that agents of the Russian Federation were ordered by its President, Vladimir Putin, to come to the United States, adopt the identities of real American citizens, and actively work to elect Donald Trump President.

Many of the critics of the Russia investigation wonder out loud WHY Vladimir Putin would be so anxious to put Donald Trump in the White House. The motive for such unprecedented interference is becoming clearer by the day and can be summed up in one word, sanctions. The Obama Administration, responding to Russian aggression toward its Eastern European neighbors, particularly Ukraine, slapped stiff economic sanctions against the Russian Federation. By the mid-point of 2016, these sanctions began to pinch Russia and pinch it hard. For one reason or another, President Putin was under the impression that these painful sanctions would be dropped should his good friend and compatriot Donald Trump become President.

Now, just why Comrade Putin was so sure that Candidate Trump would be so accommodating is subject to both questioning and speculation, although the Stormy Daniels affair might give us 130,000 reasons for President Putin's assurance. But whatever the motivation, Vladimir Putin felt sure that a President Trump would make those sanctions disappear. While it is true that severe economic sanctions remain on the books as part of Federal law, conveniently enough for the Master of Moscow, these sanctions are NOT being enforced by the present U.S. government.

To me, this leaves us with one very troubling question. Was there a quid pro quo? Did President Putin offer a struggling Trump Presidential campaign needed assistance to win the Presidency? In the alternate, did the Trump campaign approach President Putin to offer him a deal? After all, Donald Trump does like to brag that he's the master of the deal. Did he offer relief from those economic sanctions in return for tactical and strategic political assistance from the Russian Federation? Either alternative offers us frightening implications for the Trump Administration, the Republican Party, and the American people.

One thing we know for sure from these indictments. Despite protestations to the contrary from President Trump, Republican Congressional leaders, President Trump's own personal propaganda machine, Fox News, and his Minister of Propaganda, Sean Hannity, Russian interference in the 2016 election was real and concrete, highly sophisticated, very well organized, and undoubtedly directed from the upper reaches of the Kremlin in Moscow. What we ordinary American citizens must ask ourselves is this. What do we propose to do about it?

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  • You've make the case for throwing the rascals out. Good work.

  • Your last sentence is the question. It doesn't appear that we can apprehend or extradite the defendants. On the sanctions point, you are correct that that was the only thing on which Congress could agree, and the administration won't enforce them.

    Hence, I don't think this has any real effect until Dumb Donald Jr. and I Can't Get a Security Clearance Jared get indicted and decide to talk to Mueller and implicate a higher up.With Rosenstein repeatedly saying that no Americans are implicated in the indictment, we're a long way away from that.

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