Dr. King Had A Dream! Donald Trump Doesn't Want Dreamers!!

Based on polling and empirical evidence, there isn't universal support for adults who enter this country illegally. This isn't about racism or culturalism or any other kind of "ism" you'd care to name, it's about respect for the law. If at some point the duly elected government of this country decides that it is in our best interest to greet immigrants throughout the world with open arms, so be it. But until then, the law is the law.

But the issue of the Dreamers is something else entirely. Dreamers were not adults, who willfully decided that they would defy laws of which they were most assuredly aware. No, these were children who were brought here, sometimes even before they could walk or talk. In some instances they do not speak the language of the country of their origin. In most instances they have had minimal contact with the country of their origin. To take direct measures to send them to a world they neither know nor desire to enter would be a horrible act of injustice.

Which brings us to our estimable President. The impending government shutdown crisis was deliberately precipitated by our Commander-in-Chief when he decided to use the lives of some 800,000 human beings as a bargaining chip in order to get the funding to build "THE WALL".

Frankly, I think the idea of constructing a wall across the entire border with Mexico is ludicrous. There are so many practical considerations that have been largely ignored. For instance, on what side of the border will the wall be constructed? It would seem obvious that it would have to be on the U.S. side of the border. But in that case, the government would have to obtain the land in order to build the wall from American citizens, many of whom may not be entirely thrilled with the prospect. How much would the government be willing to pay in order to obtain this land? And in the end, wouldn't such a wall merely represent yet another obstacle for desperate people to overcome, something desperate people have been able to do from the beginning of time?

The President insists this is about safeguarding the internal security of the United States, protecting us from Mexican drug lords, white slavers, and heinous kidnappers. And it's a legitimate concern. But shouldn't the President be looking for a way to craft a deal to obtain what this country needs rather than playing an immoral game of chicken with the lives of innocent bystanders?

One of the primary reasons people voted for this President was their unshakable belief in his ability to cut a deal in the face of intransigent opposition. Well, it seems to me that the best way to obtain an agreement on ANY issue is to talk to the other side, something this President has seemed at least somewhat reluctant to do. As a successful businessman, surely the President understands that the only way to achieve agreement is give-and-take on both sides. Why would the Democrats agree to something that suits the needs of the President and HIS party, but which totally ignores one of THEIR major concerns.

Yes, at the moment at which I write this, the United States faces the likelihood of a government shutdown. It would be a tragic thing, tragic not so much for the actual effect such a shutdown would have on this country, but tragic because it would be stupendously unnecessary. The operative word here is compromise. Senators Graham and Durbin presented the President with just such a compromise. He proceeded to, you should pardon the expression, shit all over it. Yes, Mr. President, it would be wonderful if you appeared to WIN this negotiation, but not at the expense of turning 800,000 people into the ultimate losers!

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  • Note one thing Dr. King and the Mexicans have in common: they're people of color, something that Bannonites like the one who occasionally hits and runs here don't like.It basically gets down to the issue that whether Da Donald is a racist or only caters to them really doesn't matter, just like even though he supposedly was in favor of abortion rights, he now has to cater to the Dennis Byrnes of the world.

    Since the government workers eventually get paid, the Republicans know that a government shutdown is meaningless.Since they used one against Obama and lost, I guess that is why they didn't use some rule change to break this filibuster (although there are some reports that they didn't even have the 50 votes). It's about time, after a year, that the Democrats made a stand against the fascists. I said a couple of years ago, when Durbin and Grassley had a comprehensive immigration bill that the Congress could solve the problem or have an issue. Now that the Republicans own the issue, they have to face it.

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