Deal On DACA, Democrats? Don't Be DUMB!!!

Word is sifting through Washington that the so-called "moderate" senators on both side of the aisle are negotiating an end to the government shutdown. I'm not sure there really ARE "moderate" Republicans. Most of the moderate Republicans we've seen recently are nothing more than "country club conservatives", folks who are just a bit too gentile to get their hands dirty with the down and dirty politics of their Tea Party brethren. But I have some advice for the "moderate" Democrats specifically and the rest of the Democrats in general. DON'T DO IT!!!".

Nobody is as aware of the potential effects of a government shutdown than I am. I'm a senior citizen on Social Security and Medicare. So if at some point the federal piggy bank turns up empty, I'm pretty much screwed. So the idea of keeping the federal financial pipeline open is appealing to me. But "moderate" Democrats have played this "Trust Me" game with the Republicans before and they've lost every time.

The game goes pretty much like this. Democrats promise to be good little boys and girl. To show their sincerity, they promise to vote for a bill that will pretty much maintain the status quo for another three weeks. Oh, the Children's Health Insurance Program is funded for the next six years all right, but absolutely NOTHING is done for the Dreamers. Well, technically that's not exactly true. Mitch McConnell promises, more than likely with every finger crossed, that he will SCHEDULE a vote on some kind of immigration bill at some unspecified point in the future. Now, if Republicans decide to block passage of this bill with a filibuster, too bad for the Democrats. If the Republicans in the House of Representatives fail to pass a similar bill, once again, too bad for the Democrats. The fact that legislation is put on the schedule hardly promises a successful conclusion. And once again, the Democrats will be left holding the bag! This is known as stupid politics.

My view is that if the Democrats don't get an ironclad deal on DACA they should sit still until hell freezes over or the Republicans give in. What possible good will another three weeks of ultimately useless negotiating bring over to the Democratic side of the aisle? They will have alienated a vital portion of their political base in return for an empty promise of some kind of vote. This is complete and total nonsense.

I totally sympathize with the Dreamers. Both sets of my grandparents came to this country as immigrants. For the Democrats in either house of Congress to leave these kids high and dry would be a crime. It would be a horrible betrayal of everything the Democrats say they stand for and thus will play into the hands of the Republicans, who doubtless will remind Democratic voters that their party is NOT to be trusted. Is getting 504 hours of favorable press worth the long term damage such a stunt will undoubtedly create? I certainly don't think so!

If either President Trump or Mitch McConnell were at all trustworthy, a deal on the budget, the Children's Health Insurance Program, AND DACA would have already been struck. As the Democrats contemplate the possibility of selling out Hispanic voters for the foreseeable future, all I would do is to remind them that they can totally trust Trump and be Trump and McConnell. And you guys SHOULD KNOW what THAT means!!

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  • Social Security isn't affected by the lack of an appropriations bill, so don't worry about it.

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