A Shitheel President And The GOP

It's just impossible to get ballistic about President Trump's latest foray into open, blatant racism. That would be like shaking your fist in anger at the sun for rising in the east. His racism is simply an unfortunate fact of life. The Justice Department cited his real estate company for racist business practices long before he even considered entering politics. He may not have started the birther movement but he was its biggest and loudest proponent. And let's not forget that he started his run to the White House with a vile, racist screed aimed at Mexicans. The point is that racism seems to be an ingrained part of his psyche, an unfortunate aspect of his genetic makeup.

The point is that I can't get angry at President Trump for his racism any more than I can criticize a giraffe for having a long neck. It's what and who he is and that's that. No, the real villains in this piece are the people who are enabling him in his racist behavior, the leadership of the Republican Party. Although I would point out that there is scant leadership coming out of the Republican Party these days. But it's not the vile and disgusting things coming out of President Trump's mouth that are so notable, it's the LACK of things coming out of the mouths of his fellow Republicans that's the real cause for concern.

Donald Trump is President of the United States today thanks in large measure to the silence of Republicans. They didn't say anything about the anti-Mexican tirade, for instance, because they were well aware of the fact that a large part of the Republican base was in favor of it. They didn't recoil in horror over the Access Hollywood tape because they knew in their heart of hearts that a certain segment of their political base greeted Mr. Trump's admission with what can be best described as a "wink and nod" approval. No, the only thing these so-called leaders looked at were the political polls that indicated that there was a 50/50 chance Donald Trump could win the White House back for the Grand Old Party.

Every time Donald Trump does or says something disgusting or disillusioning, what Republicans like Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan see is Neil Gorsuch on the Supreme Court instead of Merrick Garland or somebody even more liberal. They see a federal judiciary peopled by incompetent morons who think the Fifth Amendment is about prohibiting the sale of alcohol but who are reliably conservative and Republican. And they see a massive tax cut for their wealthy political sponsors, thus keeping open the spigot of massive amounts of money into Republican political coffers. Everything else is just a distraction.

We KNEW what Donald Trump was long before he put his hand on the Bible and took the oath of office. Everything that he has done subsequently is consistent with what we've known about him all along. If a tottering old liberal living in the suburbs of Chicago can figure this out, certainly the political sophisticates in the salons and boardrooms of America could too. But they didn't care. Legendary Chicago columnist Mike Royko used to say that the motto of the city of Chicago should be "Ubi Es Mea", which translates to "Where's Mine?". From where I sit it may not be such a bad idea to substitute "Ubi Es Mea" for "E Pluribus Unum"!

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  • You are correct. The Lindsey Grahams, Mitch McConnells and Paul Ryans of Congress enable President Shitheel, but they are really just bending to the perceived will of their donors and their voters.

    The scary thing is that 60 million people nodded in agreement yesterday and said, "Yeah, we don't want no immigrants from no shithole countries."

  • Even if the liar can convince us that he didn't use that word, stuff like "shy don't we let more Norwegians in" shows his racism. Of course, his supporters, like the KKK, the American Nazi Party, and the chefs of the blogsphere, want that.

    On your other point, while the Ryans of the world think they have power, the head honcho's erratic positions on such stuff as FSIA show to any neutral observer that they shouldn't trust him.

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