The Republican Assault On The Average American!

In past elections, whenever a liberal Democrat had the temerity to ask that the wealthy pay their fair share of the taxes, that candidate would be bludgeoned with the charge of fomenting a class war. To add insult to injury, Republicans would add the charge that the REAL motive of the craven, Commie, pinko Democrat for even suggesting that our tax system is essentially unfair was jealousy. But then, after all, what would you expect from a small-minded professional politician?

In recent years, the average American has been protected against the worst of the bad ideas Republicans like to sell. At times the Democrats controlled Congress and the Republicans didn't have the votes to push their ideas through. At other times, they may have controlled the Congress but there was a Democrat sitting in the White House with the veto pen at the ready. But in 2016, we gave Republicans full and complete control of the federal government, to do with whatever they wished.

Their first goal was to take away our health care. But average Americans across the length and breadth of America rose up in righteous indignation and said NO!! Surprisingly, some Republicans actually listened to the people and their "repeal and replace" scheme went by the boards.

This did not deter Republicans, however. Apparently they are made of sterner stuff. At any rate, the next weapon they unleashed on the American people was a massive tax cut for the incredibly wealthy. Now the tax cut gambit is kind of tricky. It's part of a two-fold strategy. The first step, of course, is to push through a massive tax cut. Now frankly, we don't need a tax cut. Traditionally tax cuts were designed to stimulate a sluggish economy. Well, our economy is doing quite nicely thank you. Just ask the robber barons of Wall Street, or look at the unemployment rate which is at a 17 year low. So why a tax cut, and why now, you may ask?

That one's easy. In spite of all the rosy economic projections laid out by Republicans, the fact is that this tax cut will blow up our over-sized deficit even more. Now, why would good, old-fashioned, fiscally conservative Republicans want to dramatically increase the deficit? That brings us to the second step in the Republican assault on the average American.

Once we see that the federal government is awash in an ocean of red ink, our "fiscally conservative" Republicans will step in and say that we HAVE to reform the wasteful and expensive federal entitlement programs. You know, things like Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, family assistance programs, college grants, things like that, things designed to help the little guy. After all, no less an "expert" than House Speaker Paul Ryan tells us this is the fiscally responsible thing to do. And, if tax "reform" is any indication, they will railroad severe cuts to these programs through Congress like crap through a goose.

Hopefully, we "little guys" will refuse to take this assault against OUR best interests lying down. While Republicans will doubtlessly pop open a couple of dozen cases of Dom Perignon to celebrate their "great victory" over the American people, it would behoove them to remember that there will be ANOTHER federal election in less than a year. That's when us little guys get a chance to cast OUR vote, and this time we must vote in OUR best interest.

Make no mistake about it. The next election won't be about political ideology or a conservative philosophy of government. There's nothing conservative about shaping the tax code to further enrich the already wealthy. No, the next election will be a referendum. Will we the people continue to allow Republicans to stick it to Mitt Romney's "47 percent", the people Republicans characterize as unworthy parasites who are sucking the life out of America's economic system, or will we start to look after those who are most in need?

Understand one thing. This tax cut bill is NOT a stimulus package. It is meant to boost NOTHING! It is instead an assault against the average American everywhere; North and South, East and West, Democrat and Republican, Liberal and Conservative. If we roll over and play dead the way we did in the 2016 election, then we will deserve everything Ebeneezer Trump has in store for us!!

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