Republicans And "McDonald's Economics"!

All the Republican gas bags were out in force on this Sunday's political gabfests, belching out an insidious blend of hot air and methane emissions. You had Trump Administration representatives and emissaries from the spineless Republican Congress trying to sell their noxious brew to the American people. As I listened to the miasma from their mouths drifting into my living room, I couldn't help but be struck at how much all this jabber resembled a McDonald's commercial.

We all know that the McDonald's corporation has spent literally hundreds of millions of dollars trying to convince two generations of Americans that McDonald's truly is selling wholesome, nutritious food. Now most parents, in their heart of hearts, know that the lethal combination of high fat and high concentrations of sodium cannot possibly be good for their children in any way. And yet, somehow, Ray Kroc's Empire continues to be highly successful. Why? One, the food gets to you fast. So, no standing over a hot stove for hours, no sirree!! Two, no matter what you can say about the nutritional content, it tastes good. So good, in fact that even picky eaters will wolf down that stuff without batting an eye.

From a parental point of view, this can be considered a good short-term strategy. Who has the time to cook nowadays? And who has the money to waste on "nutritious" food that children refuse to eat? And thus, from infancy onward, children are fed at the home of the Golden Arches. But what about the long term? Ah, different story entirely! Nicely fed and totally satisfied infants and toddlers have this tendency to become overstuffed, obese teenagers and young adults. In turn, fat young people become even fatter middle aged folk, battling an array of physical ills ranging from diabetes to heart disease.

The Republican tax cut plan is the economic equivalent of McDonald's. At first it offers the American people tasty little incentives that make them believe all the negative economic projections being thrown around are just a lot of horse hockey. After all, how can a tax cut that puts MORE money in MY pocket be all that bad? Well, let me put it this way. Just about the time that you get used to ALL that extra cash appearing in your pocket, the cash spigot stops and you're left holding the bag, THAT'S how! There you'll be, no money but with a whole bunch of trickle down economy platitudes. Corporations and wealthy individuals, of course, WILL continue to benefit from this Republican largess!

Unbeknownst to most of us unawares tax payers, there is a ravenous alligator hiding in the weeds, just waiting for us to pass by. There are government cuts on the horizon, my friends. Cuts that will affect Joe and Jane Average American. Thanks to Republican generosity to their donor base in the form of massive tax cuts, federal revenue is bound to drop. This will only add to the huge deficit we've already rung up. How will the Republicans handle THIS economic crisis? They'll come after "entitlement programs" with a vengeance! Yep, Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security, the trinity of Mitt Romney's 47%, will all find themselves on the chopping block. So, remember that warm, cozy nursing home Granny's living in? Not no more! Medical care for the poor and destitute? Surely you jest! The only sure thing for the poor and destitute under THIS economic program will be death and taxes. Yes, the same Republican experts who arranged for such a generous tax cut package for their clients, er constituents, will be right there with a hacksaw to chop billions upon billions of dollars out of the so-called social safety net.

What can we poor victims of Republican trickilitis do about it? Alas, not much. But there is ONE thing we CAN do. We can REMEMBER!! There will be another election in 2018, unless President Putin says otherwise. Well, we can remember that it was the Republican Party that sold us this bill of goods. And we can DO something about it. Like VOTE. Vote like our lives depended on it, because you know, it DOES!!!

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