Peace On Earth? Good Will To All? Bah, Humbug!!

I can see it all now. It is a grand and glorious Christmas morning. "Good Christian" that he is, Mitch McConnell is rousing himself from a deep sleep in order to prepare to go to church. While there, he will hear the inspiring words of the Nativity Narrative and at the appropriate moment he will raise his Foghorn Leghorn voice,singing hymns of praise and glory. "Peace on Earth!" "Good will towards ALL!".

Of course, for SOME people there will be no peace on earth, not through all their weeping and gnashing of teeth! Some people will wonder where all that good will disappeared to! These will be those people who are the victims rather than the beneficiaries of the Republican tax cut bill that Senator McConnell so skillfully rammed through the Senate. As a result of his efforts, the Koch Brothers will be worth even MORE than they are today, while the poor scramble to find new ways to obtain health insurance. Jesus would have been so proud!

Yes, Mitch McConnell has given us the perfect Ayn Rand Christmas gift, robbing from the poor to give to the rich. But that's the way it is with Ayn Rand Christians. Oh they will concede that Jesus WANTED us to help the "deserving" poor all right. Of course, THEY reserve the right to define just what "deserving poor" actually means, which is very convenient for them. You see, Ayn Rand Christians believe that if you CHOOSE to be poor, then you're not deserving. And as all good Ayn Rand Christians KNOW, EVERY poor person CHOOSES to be poor. So the recently passed "Reverse Robin Hood Tax Cut Bill" will mete out Randian justice to all those slackers, deadbeats,and bums who constitute Mitt Romney's notorious 47%!

Therefore it's easy to see that the Republican tax cut bill is exactly what Jesus had in mind. Even better, from Mitch McConnell's lofty point of view, the tax cut bill will keep the spigots of money from unknown Republican financial benefactors wide open for the foreseeable future. All the better to overwhelm Democrats, liberals, progressives, Commies, pinkos and other such vermin with negative campaign commercials that will prevent them from getting into Congress to mess this sweet deal up. Yes, we can rest assured that God is in HIS heaven and that ALL is right with the world.

Now some of you soft-hearted and even softer headed do-gooders out there may be tempted to assist one of these undeserving poor during the holiday spending season. DON'T DO IT!!! I have it on good authority, namely the senior senator from the state of Iowa, that the undeserving poor will only waste whatever assistance you offer on booze, women, and movies.

I know that Senator McConnell and his Senate cohorts are God fearing Christians, that they see Scripture as the inerrant word of God. So do I. I just thought I'd finish my little diatribe with the words of Saint Luke's Gospel, Chapter Six: Verses 24-26.

"But woe to you who are rich, for you have received YOUR consolation. Woe to you who are full now, for YOU shall be hungry. Woe to you who laugh now, for you shall mourn and weep. Woe to you, when all people speak well of you, for so their fathers did to the false prophets."

Yes, the inerrant word of God. What I like about those words most of all is that Jesus REALLY meant them. They were not part of some political screed coming from the imagination of some political polemicist. It's the revealed word of Almighty God. Words to remember. Words to take seriously as we contemplate the REAL meaning of Christmas!!

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    "Ayn Rand Christians"? Rand was a passionate atheist. If you are unfamiliar, please google Rand's views on Christianity and religion in general.

  • In reply to Dug1:

    Yes, Ayn Rand Christians. People who profess to be Christian but who act and think like Ayn Rand. Simple enough to understand!

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