Fox Guarding The Hen House? What A GREAT Idea!!

At first, the only inkling of trouble on the horizon was the distant rumblings of thunder coming from the Political Right. But then you could see the clouds gather and thicken. Suddenly, the clouds turned a threatening black. Lightning flashed through the darkened sky and the wind went from a gentle zephyr to a menacing gale. Little drops of rain came down, increasing in intensity with every passing second until it became a veritable torrent. The storm is now upon us in all its maniacal fury and all we can do is watch in disbelief as the forces of darkness target Robert Mueller, in hopes of killing his investigation into Russiagate!

We knew it would happen. We knew it was inevitable. Republican political leaders are rallying to the defense of the Presidency of one Donald John Trump. They've even managed to prop up an old war horse like Chuck Grassley and sent him out into the lists to do battle with the forces of evil seeking to undermine the Trump regime.

Now the Political Right isn't stupid enough to openly defend Donald Trump. They know better. They know they would be on a fool's errand if they attempted to defend the indefensible. I'm sure most responsible, or at least sane, Republicans shake their heads in disbelief every day, wondering how they could have allowed a madman like Donald Trump loose on the Oval Office. They realize by now that they've made a grievous mistake, for which THEY are singularly responsible. But, of course, they can't admit it publicly, that would be political suicide. No, they can't contend that Donald Trump is innocent of any wrongdoing, or even merely not guilty for that matter. Mr. Mueller has unearthed too many secrets and lies, too many inconvenient truths for anyone to be able to cover up. And thus the Political Right has been forced to come up with an alternate strategy. Attack Robert Mueller and his investigation!

Ultimately, what the Political Right and their Republican stooges want to do is to bury Mueller's findings in a deep, dark hole where they will never see the light of day. They know that Donald Trump cannot bear up under the intense scrutiny the Mueller crew is bringing to bear. They can see the handwriting on the wall and they're deathly afraid THEY will go down in a potential Trump Titanic undertow. So now they're focusing on killing the Mueller investigation entirely before it can do any REAL harm.

During the Watergate investigation, even Republicans dared ask, "What did the President know and when did he know it?"! The Republicans who control Congress now and who oversee the Mueller investigation are intimating that Robert Mueller, a lifelong Republican himself, is a tool of the Democratic Party, the Liberal Left and the Mainstream Media. Many of them are contending that Mueller and the staff he assembled are hopelessly compromised, driven by an intense hatred of Donald Trump and all his works and pomps, determined to bring him down.

Unfortunately, this is a Frankenstein monster of our own creation. WE gave the Republicans the White House and control of the Congress. WE have put the fox in the hen house. So we must be prepared. The closer Robert Mueller comes to the truth, the likelier he will become the victim of yet another "Midnight Massacre". Only THIS time Congress will be cheering the dismissal, NOT impeaching the President of the United States!!

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  • On the other hand, the Dems did their best to discredit Ken Starr, even though Clinton pleaded on his way out. Also, while they spent the 70s and 80s defending the independent prosecutor law in the Supreme Court, suddenly in the 90s, they had no interest in renewing it. So, again, politicians of both stripes are no different.

    Also, you assume that Mueller already has something on Trump, but at the moment he hasn't disclosed it. I'll wait for actual indictments.

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