So, What WOULD Jesus Do About Roy Moore?

Yet another accuser has stepped forward naming the Not So Honorable Roy Moore as a child sex abuser. Even the redoubtable Mitch McConnell has decided to throw Mr. Moore under a passing bus. Yes, even Ole Mitch has decided after three days and hundreds of lame excuses from members of HIS political party that perhaps it might be expedient for Roy "The Bible Man" Moore to fold his tent and walk off into the sunset.

Of course, Mr. Moore may yet confound his critics AND his accusers by not only staying in the race, but emerging victorious, thus putting Senate Republicans on the horns of a dilemma. Do they accept the judgment of the people of the state of Alabama and seat an accused child sex abuser in the United States Senate, or do they place THEIR judgment ahead of the judgment of the people and overturn the results of a legitimately held election.

What makes this whole drama so interesting and entertaining is that Roy Moore has been frequently quoted as suggesting that the Bible replace the United States Constitution as the final arbiter of American justice. So what would happen if Jesus were called upon to adjudicate this situation? Naturally enough, I searched for the answer to THAT question in the Good Book itself, and lo and behold, there it was! Matthew, Chapter 18, Verse 6."but whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in Me to stumble, it is better for him that a heavy millstone be hung around his neck, and that he be drowned in the depth of the sea!". Now THAT'S what I call Biblical justice. What about it Roy, ready for an excursion out on Mobile Bay?

Of course, Jesus isn't around to act as judge, jury and executioner in this case, so we'd have to put Roy Moore in the gentle hands of American jurisprudence, and who knows,he might even be acquitted due to some legal technicality found in, oh yeah, the United States Constitution! Actually "Bible Man" Moore is lucky that he won't be tried by Jesus Himself. Jesus, being God, could very well look into the depths of Mr. Moore's soul and somehow find the truth of the matter and no amount of fuming and fussing and fulminating could save "The Bible Man's" hide then. Now, I'd be willing to bet my life savings, which admittedly isn't much, that upon conviction Roy would seek a reprieve from Jesus, begging Him for mercy. And Jesus, bleeding heart liberal that HE is, would undoubtedly forgive him.

The really intriguing question is, would a JUDGE Roy Moore act accordingly? Or would he find that the quality of HIS mercy was strained to the breaking point? We already know he'd put homosexuals in jail just for BEING homosexuals. Chances are good ole Roy is what I like to call an Old Testament Christian, one of those people who are constantly spouting off about God's Law and seeking to wreak vengeance against all those miserable sinners out there, conveniently forgetting that Jesus came to Earth to SAVE sinners!

At some point Roy Moore is probably going to come clean in some way, admitting that perhaps he DID act inappropriately from time to time. He will cling HARD to his Christian heritage then, pointing out Christ's forgiving nature and asking us to do what Christ would do. And we'll probably let him off the hook. Heck, who knows, we might still send him to the United States Senate after all. Then it will be up to the Senate Republican leadership to figure out what to do with good old "Bible Man" Roy Moore. But you know, Matthew Chapter 18, Verse 6 is looking better and better all the time!

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  • Jesus Aguilla aside, all the Republican Senators consider him to be is a necessary 51st vote. Other than the Bushes, what other Republicans are still disassociating themselves from Trump?

  • They just need him around long enough to win the seat. Then he resigns and the governor appoints his replacement.

  • In reply to Michael Messinger:

    Except the governor did that when filling the vacancy when HHH's favorite AG, Jeffry Beauregard Sessions, resigned that Senate seat. Unlike in Illinois, where there had to be a fill in and general election at the same time when Rollie Burris held the interim seat and Martin Oberman sued, Alabama must have laws that an election is required within a certain period after the governor fills the vacancy.

  • Moore is a talking, Sunday type Christian. He talks a lot and holds himself up as the best Christian and American there is.

    However, he is neither.

    I think he should run and lose. But elections don't follow ethics or logic anymore. What a mess!

  • If Moore had Biblical justice, he would pollute the sea.

  • In reply to Aquinas wired:

    As opposed to Scott Pruitt, who is more interested in polluting the air.

  • Thing to understand, Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III has stated to friends that he doesn't WANT to go back to the Senate. Maybe he's afraid Tammy Baldwin will bite him and turn him into a werelesbian!

  • In reply to HHH Is My Hero:

    Darn, then by his theory, he couldn't get married.

  • Considering that the testimony of these now women is considered evidence in a court of law, would Moore be found guilty based on their testimony and other evidence, I think that justice would be found for him here on earth -- and then maybe in the hereafter. That the statute of limitations has expired, there will never be a trial and a swearing before God and man to tell the truth, so there will be only trial by media and public opinion.

    Considering that the sudden finding of sexual misconduct is a staple of Democrat strategy against opponents( and a virtue amongst its memebers) if it turns out -- like many of these allegations-- to be unfounded, here what Jesus might do to those who are demanding that he quit the race: Jesus might stoop to the ground and draw in dust and ask those who support the Bill Clintons or Ted Kennedy's that "he without blame cast the first stone."

    The Democrats are lucky in that the Republican establishment does not want Moore to be in the "hallowed halls" of Congress, so this tried and true Dem method will probably succeed.

    Has anybody looked up in the Good Book about the accusations and punishment of innocent men? No. Nobody looks that up. Next.

  • 1. As he allegedly did it to women, we know you don't care.
    2. Again, I don't know why HHH cares what Jesus would do, but I certainly don't. Maybe we should ask the spokesmodel of the Vatican, your good buddy Dennis Byrne.

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