And Trump's Moral Compass Points At.......Al Franken!!

Our estimable President commented via Twitter on the moral depravity of Minnesota senator Al Franken. Now there's no questioning the fact that Senator Franken sexually harassed Leeann Tweeden. It's kind of hard to deny such things when the victim is able to provide photographic evidence. But in casting aspersions at Senator Franken's conduct, our venerable President has perhaps inadvertently raised questions about HIS behavior as well. Not only have there been many more accusations laid against the Terror of Trump Tower, but our Chief Executive semi-confirmed them on the now infamous Access Hollywood tape.

Thus it was that one of the media minions had the effrontery to ask how the President's conduct differed in any way from the man he had just condemned on Twitter. And this is where we can see that the Trump moral compass is out of kilter. Through his acerbic professional mouthpiece, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, the President noted that THE major difference between HIS conduct and Senator Franken's misdeed was that Al Franken at least had the intestinal fortitude to actually take responsibility for what HE did while the President did NOT! Talk about being morally obtuse.

Based on past history, this should hardly have come as a surprise. There have been a floodtide of accusations made against Donald Trump and his response has ALWAYS been the same. DENIAL!!! So what Sarah Sanders said on Friday could hardly have come as a surprise. What shocked me was the sheer brazenness of it all. Because, when you come right down to it, Sarah Sanders really denied nothing. All she did was to simply point out that while Al Franken had held himself accountable for his actions, as abhorrent as they may have been, the President did NOT! This is the depth of depravity to which we have fallen during the "Trump Golden Age".

What is so discouraging about this entire mess is the seeming indifference of our political leaders and the Mainstream Media. Establishment Republicans have withheld comment on the President's moral turpitude because it's expedient for them to do so. Had they expressed the kind of outrage at Donald Trump that they consistently directed at Barack Obama, we might not have had to endure the trials and tribulations of a Trump Administration. But then, what can you expect from politicians who appear to have had their spines surgically removed?

But where is the persistent outrage coming from the Mainstream Media? At the time of the Access Hollywood tape, the producer of the show admitted that there were hours and hours of tapes gathering dust in some archive that were much WORSE than the Access Hollywood tape. Why didn't the Mainstream Media INSIST that those tapes be made available so that we could get a better idea of the kind of moral compass by which Donald Trump guided his decision-making? Where were the Freedom of Information law suits? Why was there no refusal to accept the line that EVERY LAST ONE of Donald Trump's accusers was a liar?

The issue of sexual harassment will be with us for a VERY long time. It won't go away, in fact, it's bound to get bigger and nastier. How many high-powered business executives have been not only sexual harassers but downright sexual abusers? How many low level executives, personal assistants, secretaries and various and sundry other employees were the victims of powerful bosses who felt that their power and authority made them immune from the rules of decent human behavior? No, the issue is NOT going to go away any time soon. The REAL question is, "Are we going to hold the President of the United States to the same standard of conduct we held Bill Cosby, Harvey Weinstein, and yes, Al Franken?" !

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  • I see you picked up on the Sarah Huckster point before I posted the comment.

    Basically, though, I wonder why the lamestream media follows the Twitter feed of someone who exhibits severe psychiatric symptoms.

    But this sure made him forget about The Wall. I wonder if his followers, like Chef, have,or like Moore are trying to divert it to their religious belief in homophobia.

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