Las Vegas And The Sound of Silence

Once more we are treated to the spectacle of the Congress of the United States bowing its collective head in silent prayer to commemorate the loss of lives in yet another mass shooting. Grieving politicians go to the floor of the Congress to express their concern and offer their condolences. And then things will go back to normal. Nothing will be done!

This has become standard operating procedure for the Congress of the United States. It has become extraordinarily good at public displays of hypocritical, religious lamentations. They bow their heads and beat their breasts as ostentatiously as any high priest in any temple throughout the world. They are past masters at loud wailing, sincere weeping and effective gnashing of teeth. Some of them can even shed a tear at the drop of a hat. All of this is remarkable, when you consider that the Congress of the United States is capable of all this activity without the effective use of a spine!

I'm sure God isn't averse to prayer, silent or otherwise. Bowed heads and beaten breasts have their place in the public square, I suppose. But, you know, after awhile, this dog and pony show begins to get just the least little annoying. But what is MOST irksome is the constant sound of silence emanating from Capitol Hill.

Time and time and time again it goes. The news of yet another mass murder is blasted out over the airwaves. News anchors are roused from their lethargy and swing into action. Normal broadcasting is suspended so that the news media can set up shop to inform the public of the body count and the fate of the lucky survivors. And we are inundated with "experts" who will tell us why all this is happening to us yet again. Presidents make speeches. Governors make speeches. Seemingly EVERYONE is making some kind of speech or other. We are literally drowning in words. And then what can we expect to see happen? NOTHING!!

What's worse, we know exactly WHY!! The National Rifle Association, fresh from collecting millions of dollars from "concerned" gun owners, steps out from the murky shadows and tells the Congress what to do. NOTHING! Once again we are instructed as to the subtleties and nuances of the Second Amendment. We are informed about what previous Supreme Court rulings have had to say about guns and gun ownership and why exactly we shouldn't expect TOO much out of this or any Congress. And then, as it always does, time passes and we go back to our humdrum lives and we forget, until the NEXT mass slaughter.

What makes this whole charade even MORE tragic is that there's nothing in the Second Amendment that should prohibit the Congress from attempting to REGULATE guns. Sure, they can't outright BAN firearms. But that doesn't mean that they shouldn't be able to write a law that keeps weapons of mass destruction out of the hands of insane people bent on murder and mayhem. Rifles for hunting? Fine! Frankly I don't see the point of going out into the forest with the express purpose of killing Bambi, but my attitude is, "whatever floats your boat!". But, you know, I'm pretty darned sure you don't need a machine gun to shoot a deer.

The Congress COULD pass a law banning automatic weapons, armor-piercing shells, and hollow-point ammunition. THAT isn't taking away your right to own a gun. It would just make it that much harder for a mass murderer to carry out yet another bloodbath. The Supreme Court could simply look at the twenty-seven words in the Second Amendment and come to the realization that the framers of the Constitution DIDN'T say the Congress couldn't pass a law REGULATING gun ownership, just that it couldn't ban gun ownership OUTRIGHT!!

We COULD do this but we won't. We won't because the gun lobby, through its mouthpiece the National Rifle Association, won't let us do it. They don't care a rodent's derriere about issues like public safety. All they can see is the loss of profits if weapons of mass destruction are no longer available to the general public and certifiably insane potential mass murderers.

I hope we all come to enjoy this spectacle of public mourning and political lamentation, because as long as the Congress of the United States has no spine and the Supreme Court of the United States has no brain, we WILL be seeing it again and again and again!!

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  • Somebody needs to tell them to stick their prayers and wishes up their asses and do something. First thing to do is cut off their NRA paychecks.

  • No argument here!!

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