The American Voter And The Politics Of Ignorance And Apathy!

Let's face it. We're a country riddled with political hatred and unreasoning fear. So it's only natural that we would be surrounded by finger-pointing and blame-assigning. Democrats point at Republicans. Republicans blame Democrats. Liberals stand accused of being immoral baby-killers and naturally Republicans must be heartless monsters.

Of course, our esteemed President would insist we throw the lying media into the mix, at least the lying LIBERAL media. Naturally, he somehow omits mentioning his friends at Fox News and the myriad of wing-nut talk show hosts who befoul our airwaves on a regular and daily basis!

And yet, somehow, lost amid all the accusations and excuses, all the charges and counter-charges, we neglect to mention the largest single component of our political life, the American voting public. Yes, Republicans may be rigid ideologues. Democrats may be spineless twits. But it's the average American voter who casts the votes that put these yahoos and bozos in positions of power and authority in the first place.

The first rule of politics is that the politicians don't elect themselves, thank God! No, the blame for that unhappy turn of events rests firmly on the shoulders of the average American voter. Take a good look in the mirror American voting public. And when you do you'll see who's responsible for the sad state of American government. It's YOU!!!

Let's take a look at Mr. and Ms. Apathetic Voter. You know who you are. You're the person who doesn't even bother to show up on Election Day. Ironically, you're also the first person to complain about the results AFTER Election Day. You may be tempted to say, "But how can you blame ME, I don't even vote!". But that's just the point. The turnout for the average American election is, by any standard, abysmal. It would be considered a disgrace in most of the civilized world.

What makes it even more shameful is when you consider how many of our young citizens, often the best and the brightest among us, have died to secure the right to vote for all of us in this country. And yet time after time, how many of us forsake the opportunity to exercise our voting franchise because it's too inconvenient, because we just didn't have the time, because the weather wasn't perfect, or any of a number of other lame excuses. And then we dare to complain about our politics?

Apathy is bad enough. Perhaps even worse is what I call moronis Americanis. Oh don't turn around looking for somebody else to pin the blame on. You too know who you are. You're the one who doesn't bother to read the newspapers to learn about the candidates and the issues. No, you get YOUR "news" from sources that more appropriately should be called the Ministry of Propaganda. You're the one who chooses a candidate to vote for on the basis of the last slick political commercial you saw on television. And then you have the temerity to be shocked to discover that the halls of government are occupied by people who are even dumber and more ignorant than yourself?

Ultimately, democracy is about the governed, not the governing. The state of a country's democracy depends mainly on the quality of the people who CAST their votes on Election Day. If the voters in ANY country don't take their responsibility as a voter seriously, if they ignore the issues and allow the facts to be shouted out by blowhards and charlatans, then the quality of their government will reflect that.

And so, my fellow Americans, look around you. What do you see? A government consisting of villains, thieves, and scoundrels? Remember this. YOU are the ones who put these people there. Every last one of them. As bad as the politicians in this country may be, it should be obvious by now that the average American voter is even worse!

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  • I vote. But if the comment exchange on your last post indicates anything, there is nothing out there worth voting for. Most of my votes have been for someone's opponent, such as my comments last year on The Quark that I won't vote for the candidate supported by the American Nazi Party, even though a vote in the Electoral College race in Illinois was otherwise meaningless. Also, so long as she had opposition (last time she didn't), I voted for my state rep's opponent, for such reasons as she was acting coy about Madigan and took credit for authoring a bill that was ruled unconstitutional (and didn't go back to the table to correct it). Rest assured that I will vote for any opponent of Toni Preckwinkle, except maybe Todd "I ain't got no brains" Stroger. It looks like anyone on the State level has maybe 14 months to convince me that they deserve a vote.

    I think I also noted here that democracy became about the governing, and not the governed, when political reapportionment was ruled constitutional. The current Wisconsin case is based on 48% of the electorate getting 61% of the seats. Political parties in France, England, and Israel have to form coalitions. Those in this country don't, except maybe within the party. 46.10% of the popular vote inaugurated fascism in the federal government, and the fascists are only mildly upset by that.

  • BTW, the source I consulted said that the popular vote was up 7.5 million or 5.9% in 2016 compared to 2014. So, it isn't that people didn't vote. It was simply that the Dem margin was about half it was in 2012. Now, maybe if the Dems had a real candidate....

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