Dump Rauner? Sure! Why Not!!!

So, we have the story of two wealthy businessmen who bought themselves high political office. One guy purchased the Governor's Mansion in Springfield and set up shop there. The other guy did him one better and bought the White House, which he promptly re-named Trump Mansion. As I wrote so movingly yesterday, we just CAN'T get rid of Donald Trump, he's too valuable, if for no other reason than entertainment purposes. Why, it would be like cancelling the top-rated soap opera just when things were starting to get interesting. Ah, but Bruce Rauner? That's an entirely different story!!

Yes, both Trump and Rauner are both successful businessmen, although we have to take the Donald's word for it. Both are essentially conservative Republicans, or at least profess to be when it suits their interests. But, make no mistake about it, Bruce Rauner is deadly dull. He could go away on a two month golfing vacation and nobody would know he was gone, except perhaps for Mrs. Rauner. If Bruce Rauner was a reality television show, he'd have been cancelled after thirteen weeks!

The sad fact is that both Donald Trump and Bruce Rauner are perfect examples of the folly of electing business executives to political office. In the abstract, it's easy to envision the dashing, daring business leader. He's strong, virile, dynamic. Who better to cut through the nonsense of a political system that has descended into madness and dysfunctionality? A no-nonsense kind of guy who won't take NO for an answer. Someone who'll put the professional politicians, the hangers-on, the political parasites who are gumming the system in their place.

Yes, it makes for a VERY pretty picture. But as we have all come to know through hard experience, romantic pictures are as phony as a three dollar bill. Yes, it's true. The successful business type can power their way through crisis after crisis. They can cut budgets, get rid of the dead wood, sell off unproductive enterprises and acquire efficient ones. Yes, in a business setting, a good executive can work wonders. But in government, the smart businessman runs smack dab into the middle of this thing we call democracy.

Bruce Rauner, for one, has learned that running a state government is a lot more difficult a proposition than running, say, a hedge fund. For one thing, he can't just sell Cook County to the Russians to pay off our massive debt. He can't simply merge Illinois and Indiana, in the process dumping Mike Madigan and replacing him with the Indiana Speaker. He can't give the Illinois General Assembly marching orders like he did to his subordinates in business. Well, he could try, but we've seen how successfully THAT has worked out for him.

But it isn't his general lack of effectiveness that makes Bruce Rauner expendable. No, we can easily replace Mr. Rauner in the Governor's Mansion in Springfield because, unlike that trained seal in the White House, Bruce Rauner doesn't make us laugh or cry or cringe or twitch. On his best day he'd just film another jackass commercial which makes him look more like a duct tape salesman than a governor, evoking a yawn at best or a quick press on the MUTE button.

No, fact is, we can get along without Bruce Rauner very well. I confess, I don't know who IS our Lt. Governor. It's possible that THIS person might turn out to be every bit as dull and unentertaining as Bruce Rauner. But it's possible that, by some miracle, THAT person might at least TRY to cut a deal with the Democrats who control the General Assembly so Illinois can at least FUNCTION again. It may not be a lot of laughs, but something sure would be an improvement over the empty suit pretending to be our governor at the moment!!

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  • Let's consider first what preceding politicians Illinois has had:
    > George Ryan: Federal Convict.
    > Rod Blago: Federal Convict.
    > Pat Quinn: Populist wuss who couldn't deal with the legislature. Could sign a tax hike though. Lost big on the veto of legislators' salaries.

    Let's consider who's running on the Dem. ticket:
    > JB "Fat Boy" Pritzker: Suddenly settled with unions at his businesses. Sun-Times accused him of a property assessment scam. Chris Kennedy criticized him for being a billionaire.
    > Chris Kennedy: He isn't a billionaire, even though he ran the Merchandise Mart and lives in Kenilworth? He criticized JB, even though he blew the lid on campaign finance limits by contributing over the limit to himself? His uncle is not going to write a chapter in Profiles in Courage for him.

    Maybe you can find a way for Pawar to get through this field, but I am not counting on it.

    Finally, "THAT person might at least TRY to cut a deal with the Democrats who control the General Assembly so Illinois can at least FUNCTION again." Reportedly, the Senate is negotiating something. But, the House, under the direction of the King of Id, Mike Madigan, isn't. I guess it is a week to go before, at his direction, Barbara Flynn Currie rolls out the House budget--which DID NOT PASS THE SENATE last year. Dictators do not negotiate.

    Rauner may not be effective, but one thing I'm sure you can bet--there will be a 4.99% income tax, so they can say they didn't raise it to Quinn levels. Also a services tax. Rauner may or may not get his workers' comp reforms or meaningless property tax freeze, but Illinois taxpayers will get it in the teeth. Companies (such as Butterball today) will close. Forrest Gump Claypool will continue to cry wolf. The sky really will be falling.

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    In reply to jack:

    Butterball is closing anyway.

  • In reply to Kikio Day:

    I said it was. Are you implying you know why? Of course not. The only point is that industry keeps leaving the state. If you live in Illinois, you have to pick up the slack.

  • The quality of political leadership in Illinois is reflective of the sad state of affairs here generally. That's why people are making a bee line for Indiana, Wisconsin, Iowa and points north, south, east and west!

  • In reply to HHH Is My Hero:

    May be the case, but we now see on the national level what Indiana had. I wouldn't take you as a Scott Walker fan.

    Most of them are probably going to FL. As my parents say, nothing but dumb redneck politicians, but at least no income tax. Also, usually not today's weather.

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