The Democrats Not Only Lack A Voice, But A Vision Too!!

I don't think there's a person in the whole wide world who can look at me and say, "There goes a Trump sycophant!". Admittedly, I've said a LOT of things about Donald Trump and I'd guess about 99.3% of it has been negative. I am not now, now will I ever be a Trump supporter. So when I offer this bit of constructive criticism of the Democratic Party, I want to make it perfectly clear that I do so more out of sadness than glee. The simple fact of the matter is that the Democrats sound like a broken record, making a lot of noise, repeatedly saying, "We're not Trump!". Well Democrats, we all know THAT by now. It's just not good enough!

The night of November 8th was a time of both agonizing and amazement for Democrats; agony because they lost an election they should have easily won and amazement because one of the chief instruments of their downfall was the American working class. But it really shouldn't have been that much of a mystery. By the time we came to Election Day, the Democrats had successfully bored the American voting public to tears.

Political pundits and commentators have spent hour after sleep-inducing hour trying to explain the train wreck that was the Democratic Party's performance in 2016. They've wrung their hands with concern and furrowed their collective brows in deep contemplation of what should have been obvious. Two of America's preeminent political powerhouses, the Democrats and the Clintons, couldn't offer a single, coherent vision of America's future under a Democratic Administration. Sure, "Love Trumps Hate" may have sounded quaint and clever at the Democratic Convention in July, but it lost most of its glitter by Election Day.

Offering a free college education may have sounded like a slam dunk political winner for Democrats, but visionwise, it failed the sniff test. First, they failed to articulate just how they planned to PAY for this little tidbit. Second, and perhaps most importantly, they failed to explain how such generosity would appeal to the millions of America's young people who neither want or plan to go to college. Sure, waving the bloody shirt of racial prejudice may have stirred the pure of heart who truly DO believe that love trumps hate, but it only served to stir the determination of those who are not so altruistically motivated. Harping about loving the LGBT community may have warmed the cockles of the hearts of SOME Americans, but apparently not enough to rouse sufficient support for the Democratic ticket in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania.

While the Democrats insisted on yammering about irrelevant and counter-productive issues, Donald Trump talked about jobs, millions of jobs. This was music to the hearts of the victims of globalization. Sure, renegotiating unpopular trade agreements more than likely would produce an infinitesimal number of new jobs, but it was a whole lot more convincing than talking about reproductive rights or protecting the Amazon rain forest. The point is that Donald Trump was at least attempting to speak to the concerns of America's working class. And they responded, favorably.

I'm not here to act as a guide to take the Democratic Party out of a political wilderness of their own creation. All I want to do is get what had once been America's preeminent political institution to understand that the American people ain't buying what they're trying to sell. More to the point, if the Democrats can't articulate a coherent vision of America's future, they will surely become a part of America's past!

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