Don't Blame Sean Spicer. The Fish Stinks From The Head!

Let's get this straight. Sean Spicer is an ignoramus. He has demonstrated that from the very first day he took the podium as Presidential Press Secretary. Under any other President, Mr. Spicer would have been sending out his resume ages ago. And yet, as of this afternoon, Mr. Spicer is still the voice of the Trump Administration. What does THAT tell you? It tells me that the real problem at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue isn't Sean Spicer, it's Donald John Trump!

Yes, Mr. Spicer's remarks on Hitler and the Holocaust were reprehensible. But they hardly come as a surprise. In fact, such craven stupidity has become the hallmark of the Trump Administration. Just look at the kinds of people our esteemed President has elevated to positions of power and responsibility. There's Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III as Attorney General, a bigoted racist now in charge of administering our civil rights laws. There's Steve Bannon, self-admitted white nationalist. There's Betsy DeVos, whose only previous experience in education was the fact that she once attended school. When you surround yourself with people like that, something like the Spicer Incident was bound to happen sooner or later.

We must face up to the sad reality that the Trump Administration is the least prepared and most incompetent in our nation's history. And it's the American voting public that's responsible for this mess. Millions of us became enthralled at the IDEA of a Trump Administration, the notion that a complete outsider could come into Washington and clean out all the vice and corruption, sort of a rich man's "Mr. Smith Goes To Washington". The only problem is that Donald Trump is no James Stewart and the world is a much more complex place today than it was in 1939!

The sad fact is that the romance of the political outsider and the reality of the political world as we know it today are simply incompatible with each other. The outsider may come armed with all sorts of good intentions, but lacks the requisite experience and connections to see those intentions turned into meaningful action. The so-called insider may know how to manipulate the system. Unfortunately, in doing so, sacrifices all the lofty ideals and principles that makes the outsider so appealing.

Sadder still is the fact that Donald Trump is neither true outsider or seasoned insider. No, the best was to describe OUR President is that he's nothing more than a skilled self-promoter. He lacks the purity of heart of the true outsider and has none of the expertise or experience needed to be a skilled insider. As a self-promoter, Donald Trump doesn't care a rap about the United States of America. I'm sure he'd be just as comfortable operating as a Russian mogul wheeling and dealing from a lavish dacha on the Black Sea. What we must come to understand is that the focal point of Donald Trump's life is Donald Trump. When it comes down to a choice between self-interest and the country, self-interest will win every time.

And so it will go. Should Sean Spicer be fired? Absolutely! In any other Administration in our nation's history, such a person would have been shown the door ages ago. More to the point, such incompetence would not have been allowed IN the door in the first place. The very fact that Sean Spicer still holds on to his job as press secretary speaks volumes as to the very nature of the Trump Administration. The President has surrounded himself with a small coterie of friends and acquaintances, few of whom have ever worked in government and fewer still who have any experience with the departments and agencies they have been chosen to lead. As long as Donald Trump remains President of the United States, incidents like the Spicer Affair will become more and more commonplace. As the late Al McGuire used to say, "the fish stinks from the head!".

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  • This all gets down to the debate whether Spicer and his overlords are incompetent, or, more believably, that his overlords intentionally put him into his position, knowing Bannon's desire to cause destruction and Trump's abuse of the press. I vote for intentionally, and figure that saying incompetence puts them off the hook. No different than some columnist in the Sun-Times complaining that the proposed budget cuts a couple of EPA offices, when it is clear (even to Chris Wallace on Fox) that there is an intent to destroy the EPA.

  • My concern isn't with Sean Spicer's incompetence. I'm more concerned with Donald Trump's incompetence.

  • In reply to HHH Is My Hero:

    To which my reply was that it isn't incompetence, but intent. Trump was only incompetent that he couldn't get his bankruptcy lawyers frame the Muslim ban as other than a Muslim ban.

    To put it on Spicer's level, this is like saying Hitler was incompetent because he couldn't keep about 7 million Jews, Roma, homosexuals and dissidents healthy while they were walking through the Auschwitz work camps and gas chambers. Edward Feldman made Col. Klink and Sgt. Schultz incompetent for the sake of humor, but the real WWII Germans weren't.

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