Mr. President, It's A Matter Of Humanity!

When you come right down to it, the really important factor in choosing a President of the United States is character. It's the only thing that really matters. Ultimately, character is the prism through which a President sees the world. Now, we elected Donald Trump President primarily because we thought he was a successful businessman. After all, we reasoned, it takes a certain amount of expertise to be successful in business. A lot of us thought Mr. Trump could easily transfer his expertise in business to government, which is why we elected a business man President, which is fine!

However, when we elected a businessman to be our President, we got a national leader who thought like a business executive. So what, you might very well ask! And you'd be right! Well, here's the scoop. Businessmen see the world in terms of numbers. After all, that's what the bottom line is, isn't it? Just a bunch of numbers. But, in the final analysis, those numbers translate into people. And that's the point. Our President doesn't think in people terms, he thinks in number terms.

For Mr. Trump, the budget he proposed is merely a set of numbers on a page. You can add fifty-four billion for the military. Then you can subtract fifty-four billion from social programs. It's all very unemotional because, when you look at the bottom line, it's all about numbers, just moving one set of numbers from one side of the ledger to another. But when the rubber hits the road, all those numbers affect people, living breathing human beings. That's what seems to be missing from the President's equations.

It works like this. You can diddle with numbers in the Medicaid budget. It's easy! But when you change people's access to our health care system for instance, you touch their very lives in the most intimate terms possible. Often it boils down to a matter of life and death. Here's what I mean. If you're cut off from Medicaid and you can't afford the prescription drug that lowers your cholesterol, you run the risk of further clogging your arteries. In turn, you are in danger of having a heart attack or a stroke. You can die! Therefore, for YOU cutting the Medicaid budget isn't just about numbers, it's a matter of basic human survival.

It would appear that for our President, this budget business amounts to just a few columns of numbers. Block grants. Subsidies. Networks. They're all just a bunch of jumbled up numbers for him. But for countless numbers of PEOPLE, those numbers translate into heat for their homes during a long and bitter winter For a senior citizen, it may mean nourishing food accompanied by a friendly, smiling face. For small children, it may just mean the simple joy and pleasure of watching Big Bird on Sesame Street.

Ultimately, this President has a choice, people or numbers. That's what it all comes down to. The ball is in HIS court now. We made OUR decision when we elected him President in the first place. Now HE'S faced with a series of momentous decisions that will change people's live, for better or worse. I won't presume to give him advice on what he should or shouldn't do. That's HIS decision to make But I will remind him that, in the end, all those numbers represent millions of people. When it's time to decide, Mr. President, it might not be a bad idea to choose people, not numbers. After all, it would be the humane thing to do.

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  • Sir, you are attempting to relegate the behavior of this man who was elected President of the United States because of his business expertise.
    I wholeheartedly disagree with this assessment.
    This is a hate-filled, racist man who has never apologized for any of his reprehensible acts.
    He has shown in many ways his ultimate disrespect for his many distractors men, women and especially the Former President.
    It has NOTHING to with numbers.
    And his business abilities are very suspect as well.
    As you may have surmised I have a total lack of respect for this person, and any attempt to add credence to his basic indecency is left wanting.

  • In reply to E.F. Coleman:

    I'm a bit in the middle on this, but undoubtedly am closer to E.F. Coleman.

    Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, and even Mark Cuban are businessmen (and Mark won't invest in some Shark Tank deal or would not pay more than $550 million for the Cubs unless the numbers worked) but none of them are insane haters. At least Gates and Buffett put their money into the Gates Foundation, while the various Trump foundations never did anything charitable.

    "And his business abilities are very suspect as well." As it appears. The unemployed who posted on Yahoo! Finance asked on one of its numerous Buffett articles "well, how many times has Buffet declared bankruptcy?" to which I replied, "you can look up businesses like Coca Cola, GEICO, and BNSF and find out yourself." We, of course, can look up Trump's record.

    Also, my view on health care is that it is not charitable, but whether coverage is affordable. I agree with HHH that the current proposals lack humanity, and that the blowhard in chief lied when he said he would replace Obama care with "something much much better," but I don't see anyone with solutions on such things as drug companies quadrupling the price on generic drugs, interstate competition among health insurance companies, hospital mergers, and similar stuff. A lot of yap, but no action.

  • Well, I'm a single pay supporter. Sure it's distinctly more expensive, but MUCH simpler to understand and much more comprehensive in its scope and coverage.

  • In reply to HHH Is My Hero:

    Which, given Medicare, seems more defensible. and may be what we get after this collapses and we get President Lisa Simpson.

  • I'm all for President Apu!

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