True Believers Versus Effective Moderates

There was a 16th century French theologian named Sebastian Castellio.  His reputation paled in comparison with such giants in the field as Martin Luther, John Calvin, or Thomas Cranmer.  But he stands out to me because he can truly be described as the Apostle of Religious Tolerance.  He believed that the way to true salvation... Read more »

Trump ISN'T Umimpeachable!!

Let’s face facts.  Donald Trump must be impeached and the halls of government swept clean.  He has doubtless done MORE than merely evaded his federal income tax.  I can’t imagine there’s any question but that he conspired with the Russian Federation to cheat his way into the White House.  He’s been an unfaithful husband, an... Read more »

Face It! The White Sox ARE Cheap!!!

Once again another top quality free agent slipped through the White Sox hands as Bryce Harper decided his future lay with the Philadelphia Phillies.  Sox fans have reacted badly to this news, just as they reacted badly to the news that Manny Machado would be a San Diego Padre.  Losing out on top-of-the-line free agents... Read more »
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"Boss" Preckwinkle versus Maverick Lightfoot

Somehow I get the feeling that somewhere in the Holy Sepulcher Cemetery in Alsip the body of the late Mayor Richard J. Daley is spinning around like the proverbial top.  In yesterday’s mayoral election, two African-American women emerged as finalists for the single most powerful position in Illinois politics.  For a man whose relationship with... Read more »

An Embarrassment Of Riches

As I look at the ever-expanding field of candidates for the Democratic Party’s Presidential nomination all I can see is an embarrassment of riches.  Unlike 2016 when our choice was limited to the lesser of two evils, depending on who you considered evil at the time, 2020 presents Democrats with a plethora of interesting candidates. ... Read more »

Bernie Sanders, Don't Let Your Massive Ego Get In The Way!!!

Well, the other shoe has finally dropped.  Geriatric Senator Bernie Sanders announced that he would pursue the Democratic Party’s nomination for President of the United States.  And this is fine.  It’s a free country and Bernie’s entitled to run for whatever political office that attracts his attention.  Unfortunately for Bernie, there is one incontrovertible truth... Read more »

Chicago White Sox Lose Again!!

Just as I predicted a few weeks ago, the White Sox lost out on yet another high profile free agent.  Manny Machado will bring his talents to the West Coast as he has signed with the San Diego Padres.  Apparently the White Sox were yet again a day late and several million dollars short.  So... Read more »

A Trump Government By Emergency Decree?

The Congress in its wisdom and understanding,  has decided that spending nearly six billion dollars on a superfluous wall is inadvisable.  President Trump disagrees.  So much so that he deems such Congressional action as having triggered an emergency that forces him to declare an emergency so that he can build that superfluous wall.  Perhaps the... Read more »

Fairness vs. Greed

One way or another, life is unfair.  Some people are incredibly smart while others are intellectually slow.  Some people are tall while others are short.  Some are strong while others are weak.  What makes it even worse, there really isn’t anything any of us can do about it.  Life is a game of genetic roulette... Read more »

Let He Who Is Without Sin Cast The First Stone!

I’m pretty sure if you dig into the past of virtually every human being on this planet you’ll find some kind of truly objectionable behavior.  At one time or another most of us have been something less than admirable.  This is especially true of us when we’re young.  Young people are rarely noted for their... Read more »