A Kinder, Gentler America? Fat Chance!!

The period of mourning for George Herbert Walker Bush is over.  The mourners at his funeral produced some wonderfully poignant and heart-warming eulogies that touched the heart and challenged the intellect.  I was particularly struck by the appeal for a kinder and gentler America.  In a way this couldn’t have been surprising, after all, that... Read more »

I Just Can't Forget Willie Horton!

The time of one’s death often inspires fond memories and warm recollections.  In order to deal with the grief of loss,  we naturally put a positive spin on our memories of the dearly departed.  This has been especially true of George Herbert Walker Bush.  By and large I echo many of the positive kudos  of... Read more »

Giving Thanks!

Yesterday I fell into what can be best described as the abyss of gloom and despair that so often afflicts many of us at this time of the year.  I don’t know if it’s the rapidly shortening days that are turning early evening into an inky darkness much too soon or if it’s my own... Read more »
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HANGING By A Thread?

“If he invited me to a public hanging, I’d be in the first row!”.  With these words U.S. Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith (R-MS.) launched into her runoff election against former Agriculture Secretary Mike Espy (D-MS.).  This caused a good deal of consternation, given the state of Mississippi’s association with hangings, public or otherwise.  I’m sure the... Read more »

"The Election Is Rigged!"

One of the early mantras of the Trump campaign in 2016 was that the Presidential election was rigged in favor of Hillary Clinton, that literally millions of unqualified voters were storming the polls to clinch the election for “Crooked Hillary”.  Our paranoid President even went so far as to set up a post-election commission to... Read more »

Trump Sells Fear, We Sell HOPE!!!

It’s  not particularly pleasant to contemplate the 2020 Presidential election.  It has all the earmarks of another nasty, hate-filled, mud-slinging match, much like 2016.  And we all remember how depressing THAT experience was!  One thing we know for sure, Donald Trump isn’t going to switch tactics and become Mister Sweetness and Light.  So if 2020... Read more »

BETO For President!!!

First, let me say I love Joe Biden.  He has what it takes to make an excellent President of the United States.  The question remains, however, as to whether he has what it takes to BECOME President of the United States.  And the whole point of running for the office is not who flashes the... Read more »

Mid-Terms, Ho Hum, Big Deal!

In some parts of the country Tuesday was a good day for Democrats.  I’m sure J.B. Pritzker isn’t above lifting a celebratory libation or three.  Amazing what one hundred seventy million dollars can buy you on the open market.  The surprise of the night had to be Kansas for the Democrats.  Not only taking the... Read more »

Don't Be Shocked, VOTE!

I remember Election Day 2016, boy do I remember Election Day 2016!  I’m an election judge so it was bound to be a long and arduous day.  But what the heck, this way I was going to earn a few dollars and meet friends and neighbors I hadn’t seen in a while.  Of course, what... Read more »

If You Don't Vote, You Lose!

As the election season is just about over and the “Big Game” is coming up this Tuesday, perhaps now would be a good time for some final words on the subject.  No, there won’t be any endorsements coming out of this space.  I figure all of my readers have made up their minds about who... Read more »