What does being a "Bad Girl" really mean in today's society?

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Is this your idea of a "Bad Girl"?

With the ending of the Bad Girls Club season (momentarily of course), I’ve been reflecting on the meaning of being a bad girl. Well according to dictionary.com, bad means not good in any manner or degree, having a wicked or evil character which I think speaks in itself. I found that definition was very precise but lacked wiggle room and decided to go in search of a more realistic, ambiguous meaning, which brought me to urban dictionary. I came up with definitions like “a girl that does things unacceptable to her parents and society, and everyone knows it, promiscuous and spends her weekends drunk and then I got another definition that turned the other on its head A bad girl is someone who knows what she wants and will stop at nothing to get it. She's not afraid to do and say what others only dream about. She does what everyone wants to do; she just has enough guts to do it. She's the life of the party and isn't afraid to chastise anyone if they cross the line. People may think she's out of control, but the truth is that she has a reason for why she does what she does.” I mean there is always a difference of artistic expression and glamorization but how could both of these definitions be right without some tangling.

Is this the assertiveness needed to be a leader?

 I can’t count how many times I have been told “I want to be on the Bad Girls Club”, by girls of all age ranges. I mean even at one point in my life I even considered the benefits of being a “bad girl”. I thought it was all about being reckless and not caring about what anyone said or thought about me and having fun while doing so. In hindsight, I think most girls believe it is easier to be careless than to actually care – in fear of being hurt. As a bonus, I will say that it probably saves a lot of tears, mascara and wrinkle lines though. The first definition put being a “bad girl” in terms of societal views right there on the forefront (not leaving much to analyze I might add).  Nevertheless, I started re-examining that second definition of a bad girl… I mean isn’t that what we want our generations of girls to become? Determined?  Lead their own path? Love to enjoy life?  Make decisions? Be Courageous? STOP!  I thought how I could make sense of such hysteria encroaching upon me! My entire perception of what a “bad girl” is was being challenged. How could something considered so wrong and taboo hold so many principles and attributes we regard as needed to become a leader? Was this a coincidence or an unfortunate mistake?

I don’t think I can get to the true definition of what a bad girl is in one blog post but I do think I can put this question in your head: is a bad girl just a leader in a vicious, corrupt disguise? Or egotistical, purposeless trouble maker? However, I can come to at least one conclusion, as the first definition directly describes “bad girls” on television, this portrayal of a “bad girl” as the thing for girls to be in society is not acceptable. The generations of girls to come must be able to see the truth behind the “bad” and we, as today's leaders, have to be instrumental in making this awareness.

You have read my thoughts on media now share your opinion through our Reality check Contest!

All girls ages 13-17 are being encouraged to share their “fiercely real” lives on video.  Oh and good news – the deadline was extended December 15! We are giving away 7 great prizes of $250 gift cards and dinner with Kasia Pilewicz, volunteer spokesperson, America’s Next Top Model contestant and a “fiercely real” model.  Girls are being asked to create a short video (two minutes or less) and upload it to  http://www.girlrealitycheck.com/index.php/contest/the-contest/ that answers one of the following questions:

1.       If you could change one thing in your world, what would it be and why?

2.       What is the best part of your day? Tell us about it and why it’s the best.

3.       In your experience, what makes being a teen harder than being a kid?

To get started, consider one of the questions above and the answer will be your first post.  Other ideas include: Discuss a reality show with your troop or friends. What are their thoughts? Or tell us how is your life like a reality TV show.  What would you do with the $250 Best Buy gift card?  Ideas for future posts include interviewing Maria Wynne, CEO, Girl Scouts of Greater Chicago and Northwest Indiana, and Kasia Pilewicz, volunteer spokesperson, America’s Next Top Model contestant and a “fiercely real” model.

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