And God said "You are what you are"

“Don’t forget to be awesome, yah! Dr. Who is tight.  I awesome, I’m doing my homework every night! I’m awesome, i got my pokemon night light and I fall in Nerd Fighter like…”  If you recognize any of those refrences, you may be coming to the nerd side.  Don’t worry though, we have pi.  If  it... Read more »

Why doesn't my body look like hers?

During my casual strolling through magazines, I noticed something so apparent but so normal in todays world. Where are all the average sized girls who look like me? Where are girls like this is in media? It has been countless times I have heard friends say “I’m going to get as skinny as her” and... Read more »

Busy, Busy Bees

Everyone these days seems to be busy; too busy for fun, friends, or religion. Even in my own life, I always feel like I’m in a rush, in a hurry to accomplish certain tasks. I constantly see myself turning down invitations to hang out with friends. On most school nights, I don’t accomplish all the... Read more »

It's a Bird. It's a Plane. No, It's a Powerful Woman Role Model!

Why is this the image shown so much in media? Hi Everyone! With my recent research of “bad girls” another thought came to mind: Where are all the good girls? Why is there a shortage of good girl role models portrayed in TV today? Why aren’t there as many good role models inspiring young women... Read more »

What does being a "Bad Girl" really mean in today's society?

Hello Everyone, Is this your idea of a “Bad Girl”? With the ending of the Bad Girls Club season (momentarily of course), I’ve been reflecting on the meaning of being a bad girl. Well according to, bad means not good in any manner or degree, having a wicked or evil character which I think... Read more »

Is the never ending drama, good television or another obstacle for women?

  Love and Hip Hop’s Chrissy and Kimbella brawling at what seemed to be a peaceful gathering of friends. Hi Everyone! Who else caught the brawl between Chrissy and Kimbella on Love and Hip Hop? Or the back and forth on Basketball Wives: LA Reunion? Between all of the reality shows on television you probably... Read more »

Best Use of Social Media in Video Wins… (drumroll, please!) | Girl Reality Check

Best Use of Social Media in Video Wins… (drumroll, please!) | Girl Reality Check
This phone from Motorola Mobility Foundation to be awarded to the entry that best uses Social Media in their video! Winner will receive a $250 Best Buy Gift Card AND a fun Motorola Mobility RIVAL phone ($100 value) and a very cool Bluetooth headset ($130 value)! What are you waiting for? Time to get filming... Read more »

Teen Mom: Positive or negative Influence on Girls?

Many girls across America watch reality TV shows on a regular basis. Little do they know, what they’re watching isn’t real! It’s all scripted; none of the drama is real! The fights are created entirely for viewers’ pleasure! One show that even I follow is Teen Mom. Many viewers and critics say that this show... Read more »

What makes being a teen harder than being a kid?

Becoming a teenager is a lot of things: exciting, fun, difficult, emotional and so much more. The transition from being a child to becoming a teenager is usually very difficult for most. We, as children, want things, for the most part, to stay the same. There is a lot more expected from you the second... Read more »

Campaign Empowers Girls to Issue "Reality Check" Through Video Contest

Campaign Empowers Girls to Issue "Reality Check" Through Video Contest
Prizes include Best Buy gift cards, a day at film school in Chicago, dinner with Kasia Pilewicz, America’s Next Top Model contestant and “fiercely real” Do you know that 47 percent of  girls ages 11 – 17 watch reality TV regularly and perceive it to be an accurate depiction of real life? In fact, girls... Read more »