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You Say You Want a Revolution...

Kambiz is an Iranian journalist living in exile. I first met him on a train in Hamburg, Germany in 2005. I was traveling to Berlin on a backpacking trip and he was living there for a brief while contemplating moving his family to Europe. We struck up a conversation about politics that lasted from station... Read more »

Joke's on the Tea Party

As Chris Cillizza reported in today’s Washington Post, data from a new Gallup poll suggests Tea Partiers are not the independent-minded, organic movement described by the mainstream media – rather, they are marching in lockstep with the Republican Party.  This might be good news for the GOP in the short term, but Tea Partiers are bound... Read more »

In Defense of Barack Obama

Today’s New York Times included an article by Nicholas Kulish referencing a Pew Research Poll showing that President Obama is more popular abroad than at home. I highly recommend checking out the poll but the Times article missed the mark by asserting that “Obama is struggling at home”. This narrative that “Barack Obama is in trouble” has spread like wildfire... Read more »